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Greyhawk 937 CY: The Age of Steam

Journal Hunting

Readying 27th, 937CY

On returning from Hollowfaust, I took a moment to update the file on the appearance of the Underfaust for the next edition of the annotated Journal. As per my word, I did not include anything about Gray Night. Before the end of Zagyg’s mission, I’ll need to redact those pages from this journal. A promise is a promise.

Sally came by to talk wedding dresses and instead spent two hours either yelling at me or yelling at my wardrobe. With all the running around, I had lost a few inches on my waist. It hadn’t occurred to me that my stays were laced so tight they were overlapping in the back and still loose enough to put two fists down the sides. Wedding dress discussion was put off while she fitted me into a new corset and refitted my clothes. Michael walked in in the middle of Sally’s tirade and walked right back out. He came back with a slew of cousins turning my trial by fabric into a peanut gallery. My mother, looking to see how the wedding dress was coming along, was kind enough to send them all packing.

Felicia came by to practice with Michael. I asked her once why she practiced against my brother when she was by far the better swordsman. She said it was because Michael was completely unpredictable and fought dirty. It didn’t matter how good you were if your opponent wasn’t fighting fair.

And Michael excels at ‘not fair.’ Any sparring session with him ended with the need for a bath and a serious need to pommel him senseless for his rampant, defamatory commentary. I honestly don’t know how Felicia keeps a cool head during the verbal onslaught that accompanies his attacks. Michael’s only gotten her goat once and was floored hard for it. Thinking she’d seriously hurt him, Felicia went to help him and ended up pinned in a mud puddle.

Engagement is supposed to mean that the bride and groom would be trusted to have time unchaperoned. Andrew and I found out very quickly that doesn’t apply to us. Lunch was chaperoned by Gavin. An evening at the opera was accompanied by Andrew’s father. A morning stroll was spent helping yet another in an endless group of chaperones from slipping in the snow. I swear they’re all using the engagement as an excuse to mooch free meals and tickets.

It didn’t take me long to dig through the records to find Serena Hollis’ file. Her journal with the required information might as well have had a big red arrow on it. Honestly, how did no one notice this for the past 300 years? A rhetorical question when a painting of my Great Ancestor is on the wall in the records office.

After making a copy of the journal, I spent some time writing out my proposal to take down Penelope Dronik’s prostitution empire. While the rumors spread by the True Watch have kept a considerable number of girls on the scene out of her stables, she’s still stepping on my territory. When I finished the first draft, I left it on Gavin’s desk. Lately, he’s been spending a lot of time at the library. I really hope that it’s with a secret girl friend. I’m getting tired of Grandpa’s not so subtle hints that he should be getting married. I agree with Grandpa, but he could be less annoying about it.



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