Aderyn Vayne

Hard nosed officer of the Greyhawk City Watch


Age: 21
Hair: Honey Blond
Eyes: Gray
Skin: Olive
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 128 lbs
Ethnicity: Oeridian
Worships: Pholtus and Stern Alia
Alignment: LN
Class: Rogue(Investigator)/Ranger(Urban Ranger)
Rank: Special Agent, 2nd Lieutenant
Weapon: Pistol, rifle, and throwing axe
Homeland: Greyhawk City
Notable Quote: “Hmmmm…”
D.O.B: Richfest 2, 916 CY
Aderyn’s Family
Officer Vayne’s Case Notes

“Acts just like her mother, looks just like her father,” is how family friends describe her. No one would mistake who her parents were. Attractive but possessing sharp features, Addy has the quintessential “Vayne look.” She is tall, long-legged and lean, looking more intimidating than someone of her slighter build normally would. Though she is unaware of it, Addy is named for her paternal grandmother whom she also strongly resembles.


Aderyn was raised by a mother who instilled a sense of duty and justice in her at an early age. She has taken her lessons to heart, and followed much the same path in becoming a watchman herself. Knowing that she is performing a service to her community, and the world at large, Aderyn is driven to track down criminals who have evaded other authorities. Currently she lives with her uncle and cousin when she is not on a case.

Her life changed drastically when she was 10 years old. Aderyn was visiting her uncle, Neacel Heir, and cousin, Aethan, when her home was burned to the ground with her parents’ still inside. An investigation pointed to foul play – perhaps someone her watchman mother had dealt with in the past – but no suspect was ever found. The day after the funeral, the young girl made the decision to become a thief-catcher to prevent such a thing from happening to anyone else (and, just maybe, find the ones who killed her parents).

Upon joining the Greyhawk City Watch, she immediately made a name for herself after tracking down and catching a number of particularly nefarious criminals. Aderyn seemed destined for a fast rise through the ranks of the Watch, but her career was derailed not long after it started.

One of her cases lead her to uncover the involvement of the son of one of the city councilmen. Ignoring the warnings from her fellow officers about the “delicacy” of the situation, she arrested the young man and laid out an iron-clad case against him built from first-rate detective work and well documented evidence. Aderyn reacted angrily to the councilman’s attempt at bribery and even brought it forward to the court. The whole trial blew up into a scandal involving abuse of power and the systematic covering up of repeated criminal activities.

In the end justice was done, but the councilman still had enough influence to exact a petty revenge. Based on trumped up charges of misconduct, Aderyn found herself demoted in rank and shunted off to doing minor gate patrol duties. Bitter over what she saw as being punished for doing her duty, Aderyn assumed her days actually catching criminals were over.

Eight months later, she was approached by Commander Theodolphus Chalk of the Watch who only asked her a single question: “Was it worth it?” Her resounding yes was all he needed to pull the young woman into his special unit. Chalk, as it turns out, was a good friend of the Vaynes and one of the only still living people who knew the details of Laryn’s last case. Impressed by their daughter’s unwavering devotion to truth and justice, he felt Aderyn was a logical choice for his experiment.

Chalk’s new group is tasked with tracking down particularly dangerous fugitives who have either fled to Greyhawk City from other parts of the Flanaess or who have run from prosecution in the city itself. Aderyn’s investigative and tracking talents have served her well so far, but she has suspicions that Chalk has an ulterior motive.

She despises Caleb, a criminal she captured that Chalk chose to offer a position in the task force. He antagonizes her constantly, questioning her rigid work method and adherence to protocol. More curious is how he consistently shows up to her uncle’s smithy, leaving gifts and asking after her. Addy finds him incredibly irritating and confusing.

Though not naturally domestic, Aderyn has worked very hard to take care of her uncle and Aethan. She has a shelf full of cookbooks and has taught herself to sew and knit with the same meticulous care that she lavishes on her difficult cases. The neighbor girls who bring food by for Aethan tend to irritate her since it implies that her own cooking might not be up to snuff.

Dispassionate and methodical, Aderyn tackles all things in her life with a plan. Even if she has to make it up on the fly, there’s always a rational approach to every situation. Considered something of a stick in the mud by even her peers, Adi rarely cares about other people’s opinions. She has a job to do. Duty is paramount. She’s been known to tread over many toes in order to properly dispense her duty, in fact, and won’t let social mores and politics interfere with justice. In effect, Adi has very little in her life outside of her work and her small family. Her uncle and cousin would very much like to see her develop interests in things that don’t involve her duties. She has an unusually long stride born from doing routine patrols of Greyhawk’s streets

Aderyn Vayne

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