Akilu Nightwatcher

Darfellan Pirate Barbarian


Age: 126
Height: 6’6
Weight: 298
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Midnight Blue in a pony tail
Skin: Black and White
Ethnicity: Darfellan
Class: Barbarian
Worships: The Whale Mother
Weapons: Harpoon, Cleaving Sword, Trident
Homeland: Hidden Caves along the Grendep Bay
Alignment: CG


90714The darfellans were once a peaceful race of hunter-gatherers who lived among the surf and sea stacks of forbidding coastlines. Then the sahuagin discovered them, beginning a century-long struggle that almost ended in the extinction of the darfellan race. The remaining darfellans are brooding wanderers who crave the chance to exact a final measure of vengeance against the sahuagin who wiped out their kin.

A typical darfellan has a hulking, muscular build with a broad back, powerful arms, and a wide neck and head. A darfellan stands not much over 6 feet tall and weighs nearly 200 pounds.

A darfellan’s most striking feature is his or her jet-black skin, glossy and hairless, broken by varied white markings. The size, shape, and location of the white areas distinguish family groups and quickly identify an individual’s heritage to other darfellans and those who know how to read darfellan markings.

Akilu is a pirate and a navigator, and a reliable first mate. He is unfailingly loyal to Captain Redsky. Akilu has been in every ocean on Oerth and some on other planes. He will swim beside the ship whenever he can. He loves the water and although just as vengeful against the Sahuagin who destroyed his people…he is not filled with hate. But he will bring the hand of justice to the them.

He is amazingly strong and fierce in combat, defending those he sees as family. And he sees the whole crew as family. He has siblings back at the village but he knows his purpose lies in the open ocean.

Akilu Nightwatcher

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