Aleister Erickson

The Cursed Mariner


Age: 132
Height: 5’7
Weight: 147
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Skin: normal
Ethnicity: Suel
Class: Fighter/Mage
Worships: Pelor, Dalt, Simon and Osprem
Homeland: Greyhawk City
Al: CG


GrrgrAleistar is cursed to search for a ghost ship he may never find. When he was a child his father would take him on many of his archeological expeditions. He used to love going with him to ancient temples and deep jungles.

It was in one of these deep jungles when he was with his father as a young man that his world changed. It was in one of the areas of the Amedio Jungle abandoned by the Scarlet Brotherhood that they were captured by an ancient lich. The creature experimented on them, eventually (or so he thought) killing Aleistir’s father.

Escaping, the young man found the liches abandoned ship and went aboard. He was followed and ambushed by undead, and in the fight in the lich’s ship lab a magical accident fused the lich’s phylactery with the ship, pulling it in and making the ship and the lich one. He saw, as it escaped the image of his father serving as one of the crew…but he could swear he was not dead.

The ship took off, a ghost ship, screaming in madness. In freeing the ship Aleistar had broken a spell from the gods of the Olman. And they were not pleased. Mictlantechuhtli, god of death and darkness cursed him to wander the earth seeking the ship. He must never leave the water for more than three days. He must greet the Sun each morning and Moon each night. Each time he fails this he will turn slightly more into a vampire. He must find the ship and imprison the lich or destroy him. For his own part he desperately wants to know what happened to his father.

Aleistar fights with magic and sword and the powers he has from the occasional mistep from the curse. He has been all over Oerth and he has fought the ghost ship a few times. Still he was beginning to despair that he will ever be rid of the curse. Captain Redsky and her crew were a breath of fresh air. And with them he feels he may actually have a chance.

Aleister Erickson

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