Anastasia DuPrie

Head of the City Department of Tourism


Age: 28
Race: Human (mixed, identifies herself as “Greyhawker”)
Height: 5’6”
Hair: brown hair (dyed platinum blonde)
Eyes: hazel
Class: Expert


Her real name is Annie Haverford, but that’s pretty dull. And who wants to be dull? Life should be as exciting as possible! And excitement is profitable. Anastasia is a consummate showman and has a knack for making the mundane into something extraordinary. She’s worked in many jobs all around the city, finding ways to “spiff up” everything from street signage to influential people’s professional images. Landing a job in the Department of Tourism has been a dream come true.

She has no end of clever campaign ideas and always seems to be working on something. Her support staff marvel at the endless amount of energy Anastasia seems to possess. As far as she’s concerned, if she doesn’t do her job, people might start to forget that Greyhawk City really IS the “Gem of the Flanaess.” With the wealth of new technology available in the city, she sees opportunity at every corner. Printing (COLOR!) flyers, persuading “photographers” to take pictures of city landmarks, painting advertisements on the undersides of airships… There’s no end to what can be done with all the fancy new advancements. Anastasia might not have a mind for the technical, but she spends almost as much time researching and reading up on the latest and greatest discoveries as she does working on her campaigns.

Anastasia is always impeccably dressed, no matter how menial the task she’s performing. You never know when you’ll need to make a good impression. She keeps up on the latest fashion trends and always is aware of who’s “in” with the city’s social circles. Despite her excellent dress sense, Anastasia manages to be surprisingly tight fisted. She’s used to working on limited budgets (which she resents, of course), and is good at stretching her copper pieces. Making friends, or at least business acquaintances, is a valuable skill in her business, and Anastasia is quite good at it. She’s got access to some of the most exclusive places in the city.

With the Pan-Flanaess games and the 1000 year anniversary of Greyhawk City coming up, Anastasia is incredibly busy. The Department of Tourism is running full steam to make sure everything is prepared for the inevitable flood of visitors. She’s got her eyes on everything from the city planning boards to the undertakers guild to prevent anything from going awry.

In her capacity as Head of the City Department of Tourism, Anastasia has a vested interest in keeping crime out of the city. Having visitors be mugged is terrible PR, after all. Since she has indepth knowledge about almost all areas of the city, she gladly passes off information to the city Watch when she thinks it will be valuable. While she’s not one to stick her neck out too far, even unsubstantiated rumors can wreck her careful plans for generating more traffic to the city. It’s far better to have the Watch investigate and let everyone know things are perfectly safe. I mean, someone building monsters and setting them loose in the city? That has to be some kind of attention grabbing stunt… Doesn’t it?

Anastasia DuPrie

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