Ariansel and Sinserel Starfire

Cleric of Araushnee and Her Daughter


Ariansel Starfire

Age: 301
Height: 5’3
Weight: 119
Eyes: Brown
Hair: red
Skin: Fair
Ethnicity: High Elf
Class: Cleric of Araushnee
Worships: Elven Gods
Homeland: Forests of Geoff
Al: NG

Sinserel Starfire

Age: 11
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown


EfefefefAriansel is a cleric of Araushnee and a very talented artisan and musician. Ever since her redemption from being Loth and her return to being Araushnee the goddess has been very careful in choosing clerics. Some say there are less clerics of Araushnee than there are starving halflings…indeed there is a small number.

After she awoke from her healing sleep and became the Elven goddess of fate and art once more, Araushnee decided that she would only slowly and specifically involve herself in the affairs of the world while she focused on rebuilding her relationship with the other elven gods.

It is clerics like Ariansel who have gone a long way to convincing the other gods that Araushnee is reformed. Ariansel is sculptor and painter but she is also a mother of truest love and kindness. In a real way Araushnee’s clerics are influencing her rebuilding of self…and if Ariansel is any example then the Elven goddess of fate may have truly returned as a force for good.

Ariansel and Sinserel Starfire

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