Baldrun Ralffson

Oracle of Time


Height: 6’1
Weight: 132
Age: 46
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Ethnicity: Frost Barbarian
god: Odin


Baldrun reached the pinnacle of the power of an Oracle of Time when she fought her sister as the Frost Giants attacked. From that moment on she ceased to age and can not die except by violence.

She hid this from her son for some time before he figured it out for himself. Baldrun stayed with her people for over 100 more years, watching her grandchildren grow old and die. She eventually decided that her presence made her people weak by relying on her. She still wanted to be there for them so she withdrew to the mountains and had a massive complex built to test anyone coming for her advice or visions. One exception is that anyone with her son’s blood can come and see her at anytime. They may not get help without a trial, or they may. She judges this on the worth of the person and the merit of the cause.

Over time Baldrun has fought her impulse to fall into hatred at the stupidity of how people use their time and choices. Sometimes, she thinks, people do not deserve the choices and freedom they get. But she knows where that road leads and has, so far, avoided it.

She has thought in a darker tone since her descendant Drachenus has killed all but a few of her family. In her mind blood belonging to her son cries for vengeance. But no one but a Bluesteel should spill it. She knows one of the survivors, Drachenus sister Cylindal, is coming to seek her advice.

She spends her days wondering what side of her will deal with this. For the first time in hundreds of years she feels rage and Cylindal could be an instrument to carry that out. But the anger inside her also raises the question that if even her blood can make such vile choices as Drachenus has, even with the examples of her ancestors Villius and Hanna….does anyone deserve to choose their path? Shouldn’t a wiser voice rule?

Baldrun Ralffson

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