Baozhai Suntouched

Fighter/Mage and Ships Cook


Age: 210
Height: 5’4
Weight: 119
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Skin: Pale
Ethnicity: Isle of Pearls
Worships: Pelor
Homeland: Isle of Pearls


PearBaozhai has been a pirate for nearly 150 years. The problem with that is that she is human…and never, as far as she is concerned, did anything to extend her life. Not growing older shocked her. Not dying shocked her more. And she knows why.

She was once a member of the royal navy and personally saved the Emperor Akihiro’s life. He kissed her on the forehead and said that her light should shine for a very long time in thanks and because she had much to do. She thought it was a nice thing to say. The years passed and she grew no older. She suffered injury and healed from it quickly. Eventually the only answer she had was the encounter with the emperor.

She went to the palace and found the he had left instructions for her to be let in to see him. He explained that it was hard to live long…he would live a long time. As he taught her how to deal with a long life a bargain was struck that eventually they would marry and provide the next emperor. Since each emperor lived hundreds of years it was necessary that she also live a long time. But when the new Emperor was born the old Emperor would slowly pass until the child was old enough to rule. So she would need to know enough to raise him for his tasks.

She asked what she should do to learn. He told her she should take up piracy for a bit. Shocked but obedient to the Emperor she has done just that. Currently she is the cook on the Wild and knows how to make nearly anything. She knows now why she was told to become a pirate…she now knows so much of the world and has so much to teach. Someday within the next twenty years there will be a marriage, then a birth, then a funeral. And she will raise the new Emperor.

Baozhai Suntouched

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