Barnaby Harrington

High Priest of Zilchus


Height: 6’2
Hair: White
Age: 61
Eyes: Blue
Ethnicity: Oerdian
Home: Greyhawk City
Class: Cleric


BfbfbnnmnHigh Priest of Zilchus in Greyhawk City, Barnaby is wealthy beyond the dreams of most people. He is one of the driving forces behind getting the investments for the train project and was pleased with the eagerness of the Sevestrain Family in supporting the new project.

Barnaby takes more risks in investment than the normal cleric of Zilchus. This makes him a perfect head for the Church of the god of banking, business and finances in this era of innovation and technology.

A larger than life personality, Barnaby started life as a poor salesman who had to learn how to make his own way in life. So he is able to sell anything to anyone. His presentations are filled with grand speeches and illusions to amuse and distract. Essentially a legal conman who made good…he has a huge heart for those as poor as he once was.

Barnaby Harrington

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