Bartleby Skive

Guild of Beggars


Height: 5’11
Weight: 121
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Faith: St. Cuthbert


A loyal watch informant, Bartleby knows what happens in the most unsavory areas of town. He is well aware of the benefits and drawbacks of helping the watch but figures no one will notice him. After all…not many have unless they drop a coin into his cup.

Old and surly; Bartleby entertains many but they rarely think of him after they leave. In fact they seem to almost forget about him altogether until they see him again. Only the watch consistently remembers him, and some of them have started to wonder how he does it. In actuality it is not that uncommon, few remember the beggars unless they are looking at them or for someone to pin a crime on.

The fact that they are lumped in with thieves has led to multiple skirmishes in the ever present Beggar/Thief war in the Greyhawk City underworld. Beggars are often lookouts but not thieves. Many are not involved in any crime. Even when they are they get a pathetic cut of the earnings. And then they are rounded up as criminals.

Bartleby likes helping Chalk’s group because they know the difference between beggar and thief.

Bartleby Skive

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