Dame Amelia Sanders

Knight of Geoff and Hospitalier of Pelor


Age: 17
Height: 5’6
Weight: 130
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: Slightly Olive
Ethnicity: Flan
Class: Knight/Hospitalier
Worships: Pelor, Aislin
Homeland: Geoff
Birthday: Readying 18 (Breath)


BtbtbtbtbbbAmelia is the younger sister of Sir Trask. She loves the history of her people and is unwaveringly loyal to the King of Geoff. She is a doctor by trade, a Knight by birth and a Hospitalier by merging the two.

She is efficient and deadly in battle but never has a stray strike or attack. She knows some of the fighting style of her ancestor Sir Christopher but prefers traditional weapons to the monastic fighting her brother excels in.

She fights with longsword and shield and has focused more on the shield fighting than the hands and feet element of her hereditary style. Through a strange gift of birth she can cause any weapon she holds to only do subdual damage at will.

She loves the stories of her people and her favorite author is the Yaliel Dawnshroud. His writings are always in her travel bags as well as on her book shelf.

Dame Amelia Sanders

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