Delwin Smyth

Idealistic half-orc alchemist


Age: 17
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Skin: Green
Height: 6’7"
Weight: 221 lbs
Race: Half-orc
Worships: Rao and Corellon
Alignment: CG
Class: Alchemist
Weapon: Syringe spear, bombs, alchemical concoctions
Notable Quote: “My dad says…”
D.O.B: Goodmonth 18, 920 CY (Seed – Partial observance of Flan tradition)
Delwin’s Family
Delwin’s Letters

Built like a brick wall with broad shoulders and impressive muscles, Delwin tends to tower over most people. She likes having her hair long so that she can style it in the current fashions, though she usually dresses in a very conservative and concealing manner.


Delwin fullDelwin was found by Argald Smyth, an elven alchemist, when she was just a few days old. Evidently abandoned, the tiny girl seemed to have been left to die in the wilderness. His first instinct was to find someone to care for her, but was rebuffed by everyone he turned to. After consulting with his friend Tanmen, the priest of Rao in the village near where he lives, the eccentric inventor took it upon himself to raise the unwanted half-orc as his own daughter. He frequently confers with Tanmen on child rearing matters to this day.

Though he had no idea what to do with a child, the determined man made the best of the situation. Argald’s relentless optimism and curiosity quickly rubbed off on the girl, and he began teaching her the skills of alchemy. He completely ignored the villagers’ hostile reactions towards his charge and encouraged her to do the same.

When Delwin was eleven, she had a dream. She can’t remember what it was about, what happened, or who might’ve been in it, but it filled her with a sense of purpose and rightness she had been lacking. Throwing herself into her studies with Argald, she knew she was destined to eventually leave her adopted home behind and travel out into the world.

Since then, Delwin occasionally has prophetic dreams that she never remembers on waking. Still, she somehow knows what it is she is supposed to do next — even if she doesn’t know why. While Argald believes wholeheartedly in her, most others attribute this “divine purpose” to drinking too many unstable mixtures. Delwin refuses to doubt herself, and recently left home to pursue this purpose.

While she is extremely intelligent, Delwin tends to be a little more lean on common sense. Her curiosity and zeal for adventure often overrides her sense of self-preservation. She is chaotic and enthusiastic, but surprisingly meticulous when it is called for. Her experiences with ostracism leads her to cover face and body as much as possible when in towns and cities. Even disguised, her impressive build tends to draw attention, and her lack of proper social skills makes things doubly difficult. She tends to be quite shy when approached by people who aren’t actually afraid of her. While she is much more considerate and gentle than most of her kind, Delwin can be brutally destructive in a fight. Her favorite weapon is a syringe spear which she fills with poisons of different types — though most aren’t deadly. Delwin is a devotee of both Rao and Corellon, and she isn’t terribly impressed by what she hears of orcs — she’s never actually met one face to face. Many of her sentences start with “My dad says…”

Her current pet project is finding a way to recycle spent Mithral. She is convinced there must be a way to recharge the metal so it can be used again. Her latest hobby is tinkering with the emerging technology of photography, and she never passes up a chance to get a good picture. Delwin has a strange talent for being able to identify chemical components by taste — which makes her orcish constitution all the more useful.

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Delwin Smyth

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