Fadia Al' Razi

The Desert Wind


Age: 15
Height: 5’10
Weight: 140
Ethnicity: Baklunish
Worships: Xan Ye
Class: Monk


MmmjmjFadia Al’ Razi embraced the unique opportunities of being of Baklunish royal blood. She traveled the worlds at a young age with her Jinn and her father, the longest in a gregarious line of sultans, indulged her. That is until, by all accounts she went slightly mad.

Faida found a large collection of books and other extra planar materials while in Sigil, The City of Doors, and became influenced by them. This is not uncommon with extra planar knowledge, but the clerics say she is under no spell and no magic. She simply loves the stuff. Her family is distraught at her madness and refuse to believe she is not suffering under a curse.

The stuff in question, from what the wise men and women can tell is called….Anime. They are confused because it seems to also be called Manga…although the clerics (even with spells) are arguing over how to pronounce that. Some think the visual and written form are different names. Others have no idea…except that it has driven the princess to dress up in a costume and fight crime.

Her normally indulgent father has forbidden her from doing this and now princess Fadia Al’ Razi has run away to live on her own with only her two bonded jinn. She travels under the alias of Abra Al’ Assara and calls herself the Desert Wind when she fights crime. She changes the name often…seeking the perfect title. She has recently arrived in Greyhawk city and was thrilled to hear about the Hand of Chance and that this city has had a hero for over 300 years.

Fadia Al' Razi

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