Tasked Genie Personal Assistant to The Desert Wind



She generally stands 5’4 and has a complexion resembling shimmering ice. She wears Baklunish clothes and ornaments with a slight touch of the style of the frozen north.


aljahar.gifGo with the princess they said. Do what she says, they said. Keep her safe and help her organize and achieve success in all her endeavors….they said. You have been with princess Fadia Al’ Razi since her third birthday with that charge of duty. No one could have foreseen that she would choose a career in costumed crime fighting. But she did. And now Farelja, countess of the Cold Wind; A Marid of the Qorrashi…is now the personal assistant to an insane royal who dresses up and fights crime.

Of course that is not as bad as some of the bad ones over the years. And Farelia does love the girl of her own free will. As a tasked genie Personal Assistant she is amazingly organized. Also a bit of a poet it helps her find the whole thing as charming as it is mind numbingly stupid.

At least she’s not in the desert anymore


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