Gavin Sevestrian XVIII

Next in Line to be leader of the Sevestrian Family


Age: 24
Height: 5’11
Weight: 180
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: Fair
Ethnicity: Oerdian
Class: Aristocrat/Rogue
Worships: Gavin VII
Homeland: Greyhawk City
Al: LN


NnhnhBrother of Camilla, he can be as reserved as she is outgoing. He notices everything in a room and three things that had been there and two things that are coming. His hobby and passion is chess and no one outside of the family has ever beaten him. There have been draws, and when that happens he knows to always watch that person. Out of all the people he has ever stalemated with he is most confused by the Librarian who is the assistant head of Folklore at the Great Library. He got into a chess match with on a rainy day when he did not want to walk home. He has beaten most and stalemated with Wizards, kings, towering intellectuals in their fields….and…..a Librarian. And assistant head librarian. She confuses him greatly and he is going to make her working hours a stop on his daily rounds. He tell himself it is just for observation because she stalemated him. There might be more to it. She did have a lovely smile during the game and when he walked her home after the rain ended.

Gavin is not thrilled with the crime connections in the family but knows their importance and would not hesitate to kill to save his blood or adopted family. He has run the numbers and statistics and sees great growth for the already staggering wealth of his family. But he also knows the cycle of history and feels that it is time to protect the supply and trading lines against disaster and war as well as beginning to store supplies in major cities and areas reachable by smaller towns. He has approached his father about this and, although confused, the elder Gavin assented. His son is always three moves ahead and he will trust him.

Gavin Sevestrian XVIII

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