Humphrey Tillingtast

He Comes With The Ship


Height: 5’6
Weight: 210
Age: possibly 70
god: Zagyg
Class: Mage/Fighter


GrumWith the words: “He comes with the ship.” Zagyg introduced Tillingtast to Captain Redsky. Humphrey maintains the power source to the ship. Whatever it is it is ten feet tall and shielded in a opaque container. Tillingtast also does all repairs and seems to have the same mental bond with the Wild as the Captain and first mate. He has exhibited the abilities of both a fighter and mage and shows the aptitude for much more.

Grumpy but funny, Tillingtast puts the safety of the ship above all things. He has grown fond of this crew but at times treats them, with the exception of the captain, like pets. Obvious money says Humphrey Tillingtast is not human, but what he is…is not as clear. Some think a construct, some think a member of the current Circle of Eight in hiding. Whatever he is; this much is clear: If ever the ship were in true danger it is terrifying to think about what he may do.

Humphrey Tillingtast

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