Isteleran Valenthae


Height: 5’5
Weight: 140
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Age: 946
Race: Sylvan Elf


Ggrf Isteleran is an Elven spell singer who has fallen in love once in nearly 900 years. And it was with the Baklunish cleric Ghazal Adeel. He retired after the Heroes of the Codex defeated Asmodeus and lived with his wife until her death a little over 100 years ago. His son chose to leave the world when his own wife did and Isteleran was thinking about passing on himself when the most recent descendents of his son were born.

In Taylor Dawnshroud he sees a little of his son Thazen, the husband and Edilon to Loreli Dawnshround. He worries about their place in the Elven world with the current tensions. So he has delayed moving on to Arvendor until he sees what is happening in the world.

The most powerful Spell Singer and Loremaster on the planet, Isteleran commands great respect in the Elven kingdoms. His word alone (even though he is a Sylvan elf telling Grey Elves what to do) has kept the more radical forces in Celene at bay over the Mithral issue.

Isteleran Valenthae

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