However it wants to look. Other than that the general description applies.

Rakshasas stand 6 to 7 feet tall and weigh between 250 and 300 pounds. Their natural shapes are relatively humanoid although they are clearly not human, as they appear more as humanoid beasts, usually tigers.

Their hands also look disturbing to most humans, as their palms are where the back of the hands would be in humans. The Rakshasa are capable of hiding their disturbing appearance at any time, as they can choose any humanoid form at will. All rakshasas wear human clothing of the highest quality.


Jatasura is an information broker without match. He has done it for centuries. Knowledge and magic have provided it with quite a lavish lifestyle. As a result he always seeks more and is not used to being denied what it wants.

On a whim he hatched a plot to take control of the ancient library in the Isle of Pearls. After all, the guardians had the ability to essentially be the information within. They could recall it as if it was their own. Such information added to what he knew already that was not contained in the library, would ensure thousands of years of resplendent leisure.

He gave little thought to having his proposal rebuffed. Of course after a reasonable exposure to his manners and charms he could marry the lady Aiko Satoshi, who was to become guardian, and then it would be a simple matter of using her powers or stealing them.

It was shocking to be rejected. Indeed, it enraged him. What was an offhanded attempt now became, to his mind, something equal to the denial of a birthright.

He used magic he was fairly sure was not contained in the library to freeze her into a crystal pillar. Eventually, he reasoned…when his anger had cooled he would approach the family and ransom her life.

He is sure someone will come after him, and he will have a proposal for her salvation ready. Until then it is back to business as usual…after all the girl is only a side project of little worth to him.


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