John Rigby

Ghost Paladin


ghost_pal.jpg John was born of a farming family who had a strong devotion to Pelor. His father was a farmer and his mother a healer. He grew up learning medicine and faith at her feet. As a boy he loved practical jokes and humor. He was, everyone said, so full of life it seemed it would never run out. In time he grew skilled in arms and joined the Knighthood of the Morning Watch. This Pelorian knighthood produced the first paladins of Mayaheine.

John was made a paladin and then promptly was killed in the invasion of the Shield Lands by the forces of Iuz. He was a Paladin for 6 days. It was to his everlasting shock that he found himself a ghost, trapped by his own regret and the lingering sense of duty. He is not a normal ghost In that he has not fallen to evil. He maintains some of his Paladin abilities, but they are unstable and work randomly. This, to him, means that his goddess has some plan for him. He wandered the world for hundreds of years, believing he would someday have a purpose.

Beyond all that it was the greatest shock to find himself somehow bonded to an eight year old child, Mortekai Braithwaite, who was the son of parents who reminded him so much of his own. At first he thought that his role was to guide the child away from necromancy. But it seemed his presence only exacerbated the curiosity.

As the years passed Now he saw that the boy is not evil…but he has to shake his head at the casual use of bodies. He believes fully that something in this situation is why Pelor and Mayaheine decreed he remain on Oerth. John now insists that he will defend the weak, protect the needy and keep the boy on the straight and narrow. He still thinks of Mortekai as a boy at times even though he is now a grown man.

John Rigby

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