Kestrelavna Starfire

Ambassador of the Elven Nations Within Geoff


Age: 315
Height: 5’5
Weight: 134
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: Fair
Ethnicity: High Elf
Class: Summoner
Worships: Elven Gods
Homeland: Forests of Geoff
Al: NG


MmhmhmhKestrelavna is an elven summoner and fire mage. He is also a diplomat of great skill. He manages to balance and speak for the High, Grey and Sylvan elves in the boundaries of the Flan Empire. Kestrelavna is easy going but frighteningly efficient.

His Eidolon is a Bipedal creature of starfire. Flame and light, the creature looks almost like a starlight salamander merged with a large golem and set aflame.

Kestrelavna’s wife and child, Ariansel and Sinserel Starfire, reside with him in Geoff. Ariansel is a cleric of Araushnee and a skilled artisan. Their family is a happy one and his desire to keep the world at peace makes him a driving force in cooperating with King Llewellyn in making sure the elves and humans in the Flan Empire do not fall to the disagreements of their people in other areas of Oerth.

Kestrelavna Starfire

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