King Llewellyn Everdawn II

King of Geoff


Age: 35
Height: 5’9
Weight: 150
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: Slightly Olive
Ethnicity: Flan
Class: Aristocrat/Cleric of Zodal
Worships: Zodal
Homeland: Geoff


FeefefefeThe first king of Geoff was Llewellyn, and no other king has had that name. That is until the father if the current king shocked all of Geoff by choosing the name for his heir. It is a weighty symbol of connection with the past; and at times it wears on the young king.

He has inherited the Everdawn trait of aging slowly and looks younger than 35. He is a masterful politician and good father. He and his Queen have done their best to raise children who will thrive in the new world of technology that is approaching and already present.

The kings of Geoff usually have foresight at the timing on the gods will. He knows his father did. But he also thinks…the first Llewellyn died saving the kingdom from Vecna. He was a mythic rules of justice and wisdom who died holding back evil.

And he has his name. What did his father know?

King Llewellyn Everdawn II

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