Lucas Thatch

Outgoing and Colorful Member of the Guild of Messengers


Height: 5’5
Age: 13
Weight: 115
Worships: Pantheon with a focus on Aislin and gods of the sea or river but in reality the few times he has said a heartfelt prayer it has been to the City of Greyhawk


Orphan son of a deceased seamstress and missing sailor, Lucas is oddly outgoing. He has not seen his father in 5 years. He went out to sea and never came back. Although hope is slim, Lucas has not lost it yet.

Intelligent and industrious, Lucas is not the head of the Guild of Messengers but he is the leader among the children. If you want something delivered fast and accurately Lucas is your boy. In fact the phrase “There in a Thatch” has become common to signify speed and accuracy.

Lucas knows every inch of Greyhawk City and can cross it in a flash. Usually he travels by roof, which leads to the vernacular nickname for the messengers: Roof Boys. This is not strictly accurate since there are also girls. He also can travel quickly in crowds and underground. No one knows shortcuts in the City like Lucas…and no one uses them more effectively.

Nothing can catch him. And that’s good because something may want to. Not long ago Lucas became the only person to ever see the Fog Man in action and live. The watch does not know yet but the other messengers do. Lucas led the Fog Man on a chase and evaded him. No one has ever done that, and the children suspect the thing does not like loose ends.

They have so far kept the knowledge of the encounter from the head of the guild, the cruel old man Cansterly; fearing he would publicize it as an accomplishment. Perhaps the Fog Man did not get a good look at the boy who got away from him that night. If so, making it the center of an advertizing campaign would not be good.

Lucas shrugs it all off with what could be bravado. He is witty and kind and thinks of others first. He feels his job is to protect the other messengers before himself. He wears his fathers old Navy Coat from the Great Kingdom and a piece of Sea glass his father once gave him. These items make him easily identifiable. The other messengers have asked him to not wear them for awhile because they fear the Fog Man would recognize him immediately.

Lucas says you live who you are and die who you are. Everything else is just style. And refuses to change his outfit.

Lucas Thatch

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