Marin Redsky

Privateer Captain and Elsewhale trapped in human form


Age: 754
Height: 5’6
Weight: 147
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blue
Skin: normal
Ethnicity: Elsewhale, looks general human
Other skills: Botanical Science and Alchemy
Worships: The Whale Mother and Osprem
Homeland: The Vast Great Interplanar Ocean that connects all worlds


ElwhMarin is an Elsewhale. A being that can travel the planes at will as long as she moves from body of water to body of water. How she came to be a human privateer (sometimes) pirate is not actually as long a story as one would think. Marin was curious and wondered what it would be like to be a human for a time. She had a spell to make herself human and wondered how interesting it might be to have to search for the way to return to her normal form. Life is long and beings need to be interested in things.

She is not bitter or regretful of her choice, it has indeed been exciting and fascinating, but she has grown more sarcastic over the years as the ways of humans begins to irritate her. They care crafty and cunning at times and do not see the value of direct action.

She would rather be blunt and go where the current of life takes her. These humans create their own complex prisons through their choice of what they call tact or discretion or simple deviousness. Yes there are times when such things are needed, but they breath them like air and it traps them.

She has found many humans interesting and lovely, she does not hate them but they do make her shake her head in exasperation. They are so different from her true loves: Freedom and the Vast Sea and the life and world within. One of the redeeming things about these mortals is their love of the Sea that is so much more than them. It can fill their dreams and bring them to great things. But then they have a chance of getting too arrogant and she is ready with a sarcastic observation and a blunt assessment to keep them humble.

Her ship is the only one anyone has seen that contains a botanical garden on one deck. She has a great love of plants and is fascinated by what the humans call science. The vast ocean has plant life that is amazing, but also this world has such an abundance of green life…it is astounding. She has gone to the far islands and jungles of Oerth to collect rare plant life and sometimes finds it far more agreeable than some humans.

Even though she is a bit self absorbed and blunt she can be a fascinating and useful travel companion as long as there is travel, adventure, excitement and her group is not too long from the sea.

Her ship and letters of mark are from Zagyg Yagraine. Even though he has not been seen for decades, she sometimes gets a message from him on some mission or job he would like done. She knows eventually he will be the one to open the door to the quest that will give her the means to change back. It has all been an adventure…if these humans were not so high maintenance and thin skinned when you tell them what you really think.

Marin Redsky

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