Meredith Stephans

Cleric of Ranet Head Engineer of Bahamuts Might


Height: 5’11
Weight: 155
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Weapon: Flaming Burst Hammer and Wrench on a chain
god: Ranet



Brilliant but excitable Meredith is the head engineer of the new steam train. She loves fire and sees it as the creative force behind all things. She says, as do many clerics…Pelor may be the sun’s heart but Ranet is the heart of the sun.

Clerics of Ranet can be of many types but there are mostly inventors and fighters. But the inventors can fight and the fighters can invent. So it is just never wise to pick a fight with them.

That is doubly true with Meredith. She is the middle child of 12 with eleven brothers. From a family of blacksmiths she knows how to fight with a heated wrench and hammer if needed. In fact, her weapon of choice is a chain with two such flaming burst objects on opposite ends.

She lives by the philosophy that fire is the creative force that can create through even the most horrible destruction. Fire is hope. It is hope when it is a weapon and it is hope when it is a tool. Those who misuse it must be destroyed immediately. It is the most beautiful and powerful thing in the universe and must not be abused. It is the heart of stars and the bringer of life in the cold.

She is one of the few people who understand the full design of the train. She can fix it and calls it little dragon. Some think she treats it like a child or pet. But she knows sometimes, fire and dragons, need to be cajoled.

Meredith Stephans

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