Narathal Dawnfire

First Half Elf and Last Royal of Itar


Age: 345
Height: 5’6
Weight: 132
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


Narathal was imprisoned long ago and freed 300 years ago by the Heroes of The Codex. Since then he has lived a life removed from the international stage. He lives mostly in Geoff or with the Garment Sages but spends his time adventuring and exploring the Bright Desert.

He is getting older, even for a half elf, and feels that there is something waiting for him in the desert. Son of Prince Flaenyon Dawnfire The City of Autumn Winds
and Princess Mena of Itar he is the last survivor of the Itarian royal line as well as ancient elven nobility. He is, even given then, unwelcome in Celene by most of the ruling class there.

His grandparents were King Roral and Queen Nurar if Itar; King Vederan of The City of Autumn Winds and Queen Yolsheare of The City of Autumn Winds.

Narathal understands that he has something left to do before leaving Oerth. He knows it involves his human side and feels that whatever it is should happen soon.

Narathal Dawnfire

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