Nirene Stormborn

Halfling Ship Mage


Age: 56
Height: 3’1
Weight: 45
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blue
Skin: Normal
Ethnicity: Halfling
Class: Ship Mage
Worships: Zagyg
Weapons: Magic
Homeland: Stark Mounds
Alignment: CG


KukukuuNirene is a force of nature. Not dangerous to most people…unless they are enemies, and you have to earn being her friend. She is a mage who specializes in electricity and water. She sees herself and the embodiment of the storm she was born during.

Her parents were on a trip and on a boat the night of a massive storm. It was also the night she was born. Only a handful of people survived the storm…none of them her parents. It is undeniable that Nirene had an aptitude for magic form the moment she was born, also that prolonged time on land seems to make her sick. Both of those things as well as a baby surviving are rare…so perhaps her idea of having part of the storm inside her keeping her alive is not as insane as it first sounds.

The survivors were found by pirates who took pity on everyone and in the end the captain decided to raise the halfling as his own child. He and the ship mage for his vessel raised her and eventually it became time to retire.

At that point Nirene decided to become a mercenary of the sea. She visits her adoptive parents when she can but can not stand to be away from the sea for too long. In battle she is relentless and seemingly unhinged. Everything she does however, when fighting, has a calculated reason.

Nirene Stormborn

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