Octavius Hespertae

Reporter for the Greyhawk City Crier


Age: 22
Height: 5’9
Weight: 179
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: Normal
Ethnicity: Oerdian
Class: Reporter
Day Job: Reporter
Worships: Lydia
Weapons: Sword
Homeland: Greyhawk City
Alignment: NG


ne.jpgOctavius is an insightful man. Although he can generally be described as good, he sometimes does not let that get in the way of a story. An investigative reporter for the Greyhawk City Crier; Octavius works the crime beat and can be either beloved or hated by the Watch.

A master of disguise with many contacts, he seems to get the stories no one else can. He also tends to occasionally get in the way of the Watch as often as he helps them. He would never lie or manufacture a story, but he will publicize and sensationalize it to the hilt.

He believes strongly in law and justice but also that truth and freedom of information are the cornerstone of the dream of Greyhawk city.

He has recently started investigating cold cases abandoned by the watch.

Octavius Hespertae

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