Orna Dawnshroud

Cleric of Rao


Age: 14
Height: 5’5
Weight: 123
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: Brown
Race: Flan
Class: Cleric
Day Job: Herbalist
Worships: Rao
Weapons: Sword
Homeland: Domain of Greyhawk
Alignment: LG


FlangirlOrna is a happy girl. She loves to run and has participated and placed in several of the Grethawk city marathons. A natural athlete it was the meditative aspects of her training that led her to the concepts of peace within and reason.

So it was a surprise to no one in the family when she recently became a cleric of Rao. Her new duties keep her busy but the life is one that she finds perfect for her. Orna is a peace maker, she has a way of making nearly anyone see past their problems to common ground.

Like the other Dawnshroud children she has been on dozens of Archeology trips into the Bright Desert, Geoff and all over Oerth. She finds the history of her people fascinating and she often uses fairy tales and myths in her work as parables to help people see reason.

Aside from her clerical duties she is excited about being one of the people who qualified to represent Greyhawk City in the upcoming Flanaess Games in several events.

Orna Dawnshroud

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