Penny Treesong

Half Bronze Dragon/Unicorn: Ships Doctor


Age: 90
Height: 5’6
Weight: 132
Eyes: Bronze
Hair: Redish
Skin: Normal
Race: Half Dragon/Unicorn
Class: Cleric of Pelor
Job: Ship Doctor
Weapons: Short Sword
Homeland: Realm of Greyhawk
Alignment: LG


UyyuRounding out the crew is the ships doctor, cleric of Pelor, Penny Treesong. Most of the time Penny uses Illusion to hide her heritage. But she is unique in all the worlds as far as she knows. Her father is a Bronze Dragon, an aquatic dragon that lives in the Nyr Dyv. Her mother is a Unicorn who resides in the Gnarley Forest. Both Unicorns and Dragons can shift to human form and she assumes that is why it is her default is, however not her only one.

She can change into a unicorn at will, although it is a strange one. Without illusion in human form two side horns and a growing center one are plainly visible. And she struggles to get a hold of her breath weapons.

Penny loves to heal. To make people well. Bronze Dragons are lawful, often Paladins and Unicorns are natural healers…so her place on a pirate ship seems odd at first. But in the end, there are not many places except the deep woods or ocean for a person like her. And she wants to be where she can heal, help and discover new things.

This crew is not evil, in fact there is an amazing amount of good in them. She sees the sun rise every morning and set each night. There is, as far as she is concerned, no better life at the moment.

Penny Treesong

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