Queen Amanda Everdawn

Queen of Geoff


Age: 35
Height: 5’5
Weight: 133
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: Slightly Olive
Ethnicity: Flan
Class: Aristocrat
Worships: Rao
Homeland: Veluna/Geoff


Ileosa.pngThe Sheldomar Valley is an odd place politically. For over 300 years now there has been a new Empire of the Flanaess. The King and Queen of Geoff normally use those titles, but at times they can also use the titles Emperor and Empress of the Flanaess.

The Flan Empire is an agreed upon confederacy where local kings and queens take lesser roles and titles in deference to the House of Everdawn. Over the centuries many of the countries have married into the Everdawn line at various levels.

So the marriage of then Prince Llewellyn II to the current daughter of the Canon of Rao, Amanda Staris, seemed to be a natural match. It helped strengthen the bonds between the Crown and the main Church. It put a follower of Rao and daughter of the Canon in a marriage with a Cleric of Zodal, a god who serves Rao. This set up a joint subservience between Church and state in the whole empire. It was a brilliant political move. Except it was never political. The two agreed to get married when they were 14 and just maneuvered their parents into the match. The fact that it was politically brilliant meant nothing to them.

The monarchs are happy in a way that usually only happens in fairy tales. At times they wish they could only be parents and spouses instead of rulers. That does nothing to diminish the fact that they are arguably the two greatest rulers in the living, and somewhat beyond, memory of Geoff.

Amanda is an aristocrat but also has a sage level knowledge of Fable, Myth and Theology from across the Flanaess. When asked why she did not ever become a cleric she shrugs the question off. We have one of those in the family she often replies, you may know him.

Queen Amanda Everdawn

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