Rotaesha Oceanstar

Aquatic Elf Kensai (weapon Master) and Sailor


Age: 423
Height: 5’3
Weight: 118
Eyes: Iridescent Green
Hair: Green
Skin: Purple
Race: Sea Elf
Class: Sailor/Kensai
Profession: Musician
Worships: Elven Pantheon
Weapons: Twin Medium Katana
Homeland: Shavainwin
Alignment: LG


FefefRotaesha comes from the Aquatic Elven City of Shavainwin near the Isle of Pearls. A former ambassador to the Isles, Rotaesha learned the ways of the Kensai, weapon master. Very few know why she is out of the ocean but Rotaesha is on a mission.

She has been a pirate for years because her family was killed by pirates. She found a crew she could trust and decided that the best way to find the ones who killed her family while they innocently swam in the ocean, was to become a pirate.

She is often silent but will smile at the antics of some. The flattering attention of Stomp amuses her greatly. She feels a kinship with Akilu, because of the destruction of so many of his people. Her natural love of magic and the sea makes her trust Captain Redsky implicitly.

In fact only Redsky and first mate Akilu know the reason she is out of the water. Rotaesha likes this life for now.

In her long years she knows she will look back at this time with a smile. But that will never cause her to lose sight of why she is above world…she is there for blood. Over the years she has learned to have fun while topside. She even has begun going onto land to drink and explore with the crew. But she is never far from the ocean, even though she has magical items that would allow an extended out of water trip should she need to hunt down the murderers.

Rotaesha Oceanstar

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