Lady Satoshi Daichi

Questing Samurai


Daichi’s birthday is the 4th day of Richfest.


The Satoshi clan is an ancient noble family of the Isle of Pearls. The hereditary guardians of the Imperial Library, their family is rumored to come of divine stock.

As the designated guardian of the Library, the head of the family holds within their memory all the knowledge contained in the library. Daichi’s father Hikaru, a samurai renowned for his prowess as a general and defender, is the current head of the family and holder of the family titles. Her mother Michiko is a scholar and healer honored for her beauty and compassion. Along with their extended family of aunts, uncles, and cousins, the clan ably tends to their lands and the ancient trust given them by the Emperor.

Daichi is the second child of Lord and Lady Satoshi. Her older sister Aiko, a priestess, was expected to inherit their father’s title, lands and trust, and Daichi looked forward to inheriting her father’s blade, passed down from the time of the family’s founder, and his position as their realm’s defender.

But then a suitor came to court Aiko. For a time, Aiko tolerated him. He was handsome, strong and tall, a gentleman with exquisite manners and courtesy, but perhaps she could see into his selfish motives and dark heart. When at last he proposed marriage, she rebuffed him. In anger, he revealed his power as a sorcerous Rakshasa and froze her into a crystal pillar.

Though the family spared no expense or resource in attempting to free Aiko, nothing they tried could undo the pillar. Even when all apparent avenues had been exhausted, Daichi refused to be named the heir in her stead. Insisting to her parents that doing so would be tantamount to giving up hope, she swore herself to a quest to find the means to rescue her sister.

Honoring her dedication and the oath she had sworn, Hikaru blessed her quest by passing on the family blade to her. Since then, Daichi has traversed the world, seeking any knowledge or rumor of a power that might undo the Rakshasa’s curse on her sister.

Lady Satoshi Daichi

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