Suriandel Glyph Weaver

Elven Techno Mage


Age: 319
Height: 5’6
Weight: 152
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde with Green
Skin: Fair
Race: High Elf
Class: Mage
Worships: Elven Gods
Homeland: Veluna but lives in Greyhawk City
Alignment: NG


NgngnSuriandel is an Elven Technomage who uses the new technology. Many among his people feel that he has betrayed all elves by freely cooperating with humans and giving them secrets about Mithral. He believes that the new technology need not destroy Mithral and perhaps can be refined to use less or just tap into the power. He is not sure if that is true but it is worth a try before abandoning such an amazing new magic.

Although he holds no offical position as ambassador to any nation, he is often sought in Greyhawk city for advice of his people and on magic. He loves fashion, art and opera and can be found either at related functions or at his dwelling the the high quarter working on some new mechanical wonder.

Suriandel Glyph Weaver

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