Talili Of The Mother

Ancient Queen of Caerdiralor


Very few depictions exist of the Queen.


Tia4,000 years before Vecna there was the city of Myrsyrna in the Empire of Caerdiralor; servants to the Chromatic dragons and the Mother Tiamat. And above all of her subjects, dragon and mortal was Talili of The Mother: Queen of Caerdiralor and child of Tiamat alone. Created by a fusion of the Dragon Mother’s dark magic and a human host; Talili ruled unopposed.

The embodiment of greed and corruption she was a vessel that brought the hunger of the mother dragon to Oerth. But then Caerdiralor fell.

The Queen vanished. The refugees were hounded by the dwellers of the Sea of Grass. Eventually after centuries they corrupted Sulm and brought down fabled Itar. They made the Sea of Grass into the Bright Desert. But the Queen was never seen again. More ancient than Vecna. Eternal. Unrelenting. The Voice of Tiamat upon Oerth. The people of Caerdiralor wielded magic and strange science that devastated enemies. Holy Itar, advanced in learning, was felled by half remembered scraps of what Caerdiralor actually had.

Sometimes absence is not a sign of death, but one of cunning. Such a one as Talili could not stay silent forever…and in the silence of 300 years of peace after over 14,000 years of silence, her cry has finally been heard. In Onnwall, on the Dragonshead Peninsula, ancient Myrsyrna the capital of Caerdiralor has been found. Onnwal, former puppet state of the Scarlet Brothrhood, digs deep. And the ancient evil, gone for 4,000 years when the archlich was a child, rises.

Talili Of The Mother

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