Teivryn Vayne

Mad Genius


Age: 57
Height: 5’8"
Hair: Honey Blonde
Eyes: Grey
Skin: Normal
Ethnicity: Oeridian
Worships: Himself


GrgrgrgrtttyyyYou will never meet a more brilliant or amoral man than Teivryn Vayne. The second son of the Vayne crime family was undoubtedly the most brilliant. Taking to wizardry and science with a gusto, Teivryn often left his father, Llawthen, utterly perplexed. Barely able to understand the boy on the best of days, he left his middle son in the care of tutors and advisors. Even as a child he saw others as material, something to be used…examined…reassembled. It was as if he thought he could do everything better, and it did not help that most of the time he was right.

Set apart from the rest of his family by his incredible intellect, Teivryn found himself an outsider. Weak of body and not particularly attractive, he was intensely jealous of his older brother’s, Dyvnallt, physical prowess and his younger brother’s, Sial, ability to charm everyone around him. Feeling slighted despite being so intelligent, he grew more and more distant from his father and siblings.

Eventually feeling that those around him were holding him back, Teivryn used the family’s criminal connections and assets for his own projects. He started building a power base of his own with people loyal to him rather than his family. Using his prodigious magical and scientific skills, he started crafting terrifying monsters from captive slaves. It didn’t take long to start turning a hefty profit selling such creatures to the highest bidder.

Even more disconcerting were his experiments to create entirely new beings from the combination of traits of his subjects. He was working on a method to create living weapons that were indistinguishable from elves, humans, gnomes, dwarves, or any other sentient race on Oerth.

With an army of dangerous beasts at his disposal, Teivryn decided to snatch control of his family’s syndicate.

Always inclined to solve his problems with extreme measures, he had his father and eldest brother assassinated, and only missed Sial because the youngest had already turned to the Greyhawk City authorities by that point. The family estate was raided by the watch and their assets seize all across the region. In a matter of hours, Teivryn saw his promising empire collapse. Barely escaping himself, Teivryn hasn’t been seen since.

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Teivryn Vayne

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