Thalendale Firststar

Pirate Averial (Sky Elf) Scout and Lookout


Age: 310
Height: 5’5
Weight: 123
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White
Skin: Normal
Race: Elf (winged)
Class: Ranger
Day Job: Pirate Scout and Lookout
Worships: Elven gods
Weapons: Two Handed Sword, Lance, Bow
Homeland: Tops of the Raker Peaks
Alignment: NG


KkukuThalendale loves to fly,and she loves freedom. So much so that she has decided to see the world in a unique way…as a pirate. She found a crew that seemed to fit, and begged to join. Although Captain Redsky was initially hesitant due to her amazingly perky nature; it is hard to refuse a winged ranger elf who wants to while away a few decades in happy service on your ship.

Thalendale is an amazing fighter but beyond that she can see things at a distance no one else can see. She can also spot the invisible and hidden. This job is an adventure for her and she has come to love the crew as her second family.

She is talkative, outgoing and amazed by the simplest things (as far as the others are concerned). She is the first to welcome new people and often scouts new cities ahead of the ship as well. Visitors and guests should be prepared because Thalendale will so innocently will extract your life story and every other interesting thing you’ve ever done…no matter how insignificant it seems to them.

Thalendale Firststar

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