The Guardian

Elven Avenger


Height: 5’5
Weight: 123
Eyes: Blue/white
Skin: White/ Blue
Worships: Presumably Elven gods
Class: Unknown


BbfbfbfbNot much is known of the enigmatic guardian except that she attacks mining settlements and mines and wields incredible power. The guardian is all she says in response to questions of who she is. Guardian of what is a good question and the popular thought is…Mithral. She has appeared all over the Flanaess and the common theme is she appeared wherever humans, dwarves and gnomes were mining or processing Mithral.

All the elven kingdoms, except Celene have disavowed knowledge of her. Celene has told the Free City that any knowledge they have or do not have is no one’s business but their own. Many have taken this as an admission of guilt but those who know Celene know it may just be how they chose to answer.

The Guardian looks like a composite of all the elven subraces with a blueish white skin. She seems to be a magic user but some of her spells have a clerical feel as well.

She was recently shocked when elves appeared to defend one of Geoff’s Mithral mines. She seemed unaware an upset at the joint efforts of elves and men there and has not been seen since.

The leaders of the nations have kept her existence a rumor so far…but they will not be able to do so for long.

She attacks with Mithral constructs at her command and usually leaves one or two alive to tell of her actions. Beyond that she is swift and brutal and makes no distinction between man, woman or child. She seems to have total command over Mithral, from animating it to reconstructing it to weaponizing it with disastrous effect.

The Guardian

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