Vindar Dawnshroud

Archaeologists and Adventuring Scholar


Age: 41
Height: 5’6
Weight: 143
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: Brown
Race: Flan
Class: Adventuring Scholar
Day Job: Archeology
Worships: Flan Pantheon
Weapons: Scimitar
Homeland: Domain of Greyhawk
Alignment: NG


SdsfsfrrrOutgoing and full of life and tales, Vindar is sometimes mistaken for Baklune. He know paths that no one else knows and is on good terms with the nomads and groups of the Bright Desert. He still has many areas he does not know to his satisfaction, like old Itar. It is so hard to get to that it is impossible to really explore.

He is proud of his sister, who now has their ancestors old chair position at the university. For all his desire to go on exploring he knows he should settle down soon. He has promised his beloved Ferena that he will soon stop.

In Onnwal they have recently uncovered something that could be the capitol city of Myrsyrna in the Empire of Caerdiralor. They have requested that he come there and lend his expertise to the dig. After this he will retire, the time seems right.

Vindar Dawnshroud

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