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Greyhawk 937 CY: The Age of Steam

A Letter to Home
Readying 10, 937 CY
Dear Dad,

I’m in Greyhawk City! It’s even bigger than I thought it would be and so much more busy! Not to mention noisy. There are people everywhere and every type you told me about and some I couldn’t even identify. This is so exciting!

I saw some dwarves when I first came into the city. They were so cool and wore really beautiful armor. And I finally got to see a gnome! She didn’t seem to like me much, but that was probably my fault. I must have stared a bit, so she glared at me. When I tried to go over and introduce myself, she practically ran away. I was a bit sad since I really wanted to meet a gnome, but I’ll try not to stare next time.

There were so many places to go, I couldn’t figure out what to do first. So I decided to wander around a bit and get my bearings. This was a bad idea, though, since this place is so huge I got lost almost immediately! I ended up in the part of town they call “Little Ket,” though I didn’t know it then. I met some very nice Baklunish people as a result. They were selling food from a cart, and I stopped to ask if they could tell me where I was. They were so polite and friendly and not scared of me at all! The father offered to give me a map if I bought some food, and the meat smelled so good anyway it seemed like a great idea. But I remembered you telling me I shouldn’t take the first price someone tells me, so I haggled. I was afraid they would think I was really rude after they were so helpful, but the man seemed really happy. I don’t think I’m good at haggling, though, since the daughter had to help me. In the end I got a map of the city and some really tasty meat on a stick for a good price.

Based on the Baklunish father’s suggestion, I went to the city library. It’s huge! There are more books there than I could possibly read in my whole life. The librarian was happy to talk to me and showed me some of their books on engineering. I wanted to see more of the city so I couldn’t stay too long, but she told me I was welcome back any time.

castlegreyhawk.jpgAfter that I decided to pay a visit to the church of Rao. They seemed a bit surprised but were also very friendly. I said some prayers and left a donation. It was much bigger than Uncle Tanmen’s church! There were lots of people there too. Then I headed to the church of Corellon since I thought it would be good to pay my respects to him too. The elves there didn’t seem very pleased to see me though. Everyone just glared. It made me a bit sad since I had never seen any elves but you, and there were all kinds there. I decided I didn’t want to make anyone mad so I left pretty quickly.

On my way to go see Gray College, I must have taken a wrong turn. The alley I ended up in was pretty deserted, but I saw two men leaning against a wall. At first they looked like they were going to come towards me, then changed their minds. I went over and said hello and asked if they knew how to get to the college. Both of them looked nervous — I think they were scared of me. So I smiled big and tried to look friendly. I noticed the taller one had a knife he was hiding behind his back, so I asked if this was a dangerous part of town. They quickly agreed that it was! And then told me very detailed and fast directions of how to get to the college area. I was trying to thank them, but they backed away and said they had to be somewhere. Though it sounded like the one said “anywhere but here.” I must have misheard him.

The college was amazing, though! The buildings were really great. I couldn’t really go in them since I’m not a student, but I had a lot of fun looking around.

It started to get late, though, so I asked one of the students if they could tell me about a good place to stay the night. He mentioned an inn that wasn’t too expensive so I went there — here actually. I got a nice little meal and the rooms are small, but very clean. The sheets are really white and smell like starch. The beds are very comfy too.

I know when the invitation arrived you thought it was a mistake and didn’t want me to go at first. But even if it wasn’t meant for me after all, this trip has been so great already that I think it was worth it. I promise I’ll be careful and will write all the time. I’ll remember all the advice you and Uncle Tanmen gave me, so don’t worry! I think this is going to be the best trip ever.


PS. I enclosed a picture I took of Castle Greyhawk. My new camera is working great after a few more tweaks. Everyone stared at it since they hadn’t seen one before, but I think it’ll catch on soon!


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