Age of Steam Gazetteer

Age of Steam Gazetteer

This will take a bit. I will give short descriptions of the areas here with links to larger country write ups if necessary. This section is a work in progress. It is just easier for me to find it if it is visible so I do not have to go to the show all wiki area, saves me clicks.

The New Great Kingdom-And Associated States
The North Kingdom
Rel Astra

The Great Kingdom was the ancient Oerdian empire on this side of the continent. Over time evil rulers combined with crippling bureaucracy fractured the unity of the kingdom. Although Rauxes is the capitol the largest and most advanced city is the seaside realm of Rel Astra. A wonder of architecture and art, it is the culmination of Oerdian civilization.

Ruler: Overking Gregory V

The Empire of The Flaness-And Associated States
Geoff (Including Former: Gran March, Bissel, Keoland, Sea Princes and Sterich)
Ulek (Formerly County, Duchy and Principality)
Kron Hills

In the past three hundred years the Flan roots of the Sheldomar Valley have brought many countries together that were formerly divided. Strong leadership from Geoff brought a loose confederacy into something more like an empire. Some countries (Ulek, Veluna, Verbobonc) still maintain individual governments but owe fealty to the throne in Geoff. Others, like the Kron Hills (Gnomes) and the Elven and Dwarven kingdoms within the boarders live in peaceful autonomy with agreements of mutual trade and defense. Since the fall of the Archlich Geoff has been the symbol of peace and stability.

Ulek is united for many purposed but the areas are still ruled by a council composed of a Human Druid (The County), an Elven King (The Duchy) and Dwarven King (The Principality). Each rules over a state connected to their groups but works in council for the good of the union of Ulek and the larger one with the Empire.

Ruler: King Llewellyn Everdawn II

The Frozen Kingdom- And Associated States
The combined Snow, Ice and Frost Barbarian lands
Bone March

Three hundred years ago King Villius began making propositions of mutual defense and cooperation to the Snow and Ice barbarians. Respecting his strength and reputation, they agreed. Over time the alliance grew to include Stonehold, Ratik and Bone March. Although each country maintains its’ own leadership, they follow the overall direction of the Jarl of Krakenheim, who is of the hereditary Bluesteel line.

Ruler: King Rodas Bluesteel

The Iron League
The Iron Hills

A mixture of Dwarves (Iron Hills) Humans (Iron Gate and Onnwal) and Elves (Sunndi) that have a mutual defense and trade pact. Gnomes also have a large presence in the area as well. They protect the North from the dangers of the Scarlet Brotherhood and the dangers of the Vast Swamp.

Rulers: Council comprised of Elven King Hazendel I (Sunndi), The Dwarf King Holgi Hirsute (The Iron Hills), His Resolute Honor, Cobb Darg, Lord High Mayor of Irongate, Count Derrik Ostel (Onnwal) and The Under-governor Grunderdil Steadyhands of the Gnomish race.

The Sultanate Zeif- And Allies States under the Sultan
Zeif (Including the former lands of Ekbir, Tusmit and Ket)
The Plains of the Paynims

Over time the country of Zeif gained dominance over the other Baklunish states. The Paynims are in allegiance with but not ruled by Zeif. They protect the kingdom from the works of those in Ull and the dangers in the desert. They also serve as the spiritual heart of the people and the Sultan and Madi (Leader of the Paynims) validate each other’s claims of rulership.

Ruler: Sultan Abbas Al’ Razi of Zeif in close council with Asif Ben Hammi the Madi of the plains

The Confederacy of The Waves
Lordship of the Isles
Sea Barons

The nations of the islands off the eastern coast of the continent. After the elves took over the Lendor Isles and the attempted influences of the Scarlet Brotherhood the island nations joined in a Confederacy to protect each other. The Sea Barons are of Oerdian blood and the Lordship of Suel. Each place also contains havens for pirates.

Rulers: Lord Devin Trence (Lordship) and High Baroness Lucy Waterborn (Sea Barons)

Ataphad Islands
In the Baklunish West it is a haven for pirates, monsters and undead. Here treasure, magic and danger abound.

The strangest place on Oerth. Primitive by the standards of most of the world, but devices of amazing technology can come from the dungeons and hidden lairs there. Strange things happen when people try to investigate the lost City of The Gods or venture into the Land of Black Ice.

Ruler: His Luminous Preponderancy, Archbaron Bestmo of Blackmoor

Isolationist, arrogant and paranoid…no one, not even other elves, know what is going on beyond the closed off borders of Celene. Populated mainly by grey Elves, her ambassadors meet with other nations, in particular the Free City of Greyhawk, Highfolk and Veluna/Geoff. Celene, their arrogance and their access to some of the most poweful magic on the planet, worry even the other elven nations. The elves in the exterior area of the Welkwood and Gnarly Forests are not as isolationist and are growing wary of Celene.

Domain of Greyhawk
Oh come on.

Centuries ago Furyondy bore the brunt of fighting both he Greyhawk wars and having the population of its’ capitol turned into undead in the archlich wars. As such her people have developed a sense of justice and good at all costs. Since following what is right has cost them so much they are culturally “all in” on the fight against evil. Their King is almost always a paladin or some type of devout warrior and bears the title His/Her Pious Majesty. This does not mean they pursue a rigid justice, the courts of the land are some of the most rationally merciful in the world. Blessed with a variety of farm-able land the county is self sufficient with a large standing army and navy. It is in Willip on the shore of the Nyr Dyv that he legendary Seafire family resides. Having the current de facto leader of the Circle of Eight come from their country is a matter of pride for the population.

Ruler: His Pious Majesty Belvor IX

Highfolk And The Vesve
The town of Highfolk is ruled by a human mayor who profits greatly from the woodsman of the Vesve. He is friendly and respectful of the elves who rule most of the Vesve, in particular Kashafen Tamarel Flameflowe, Lord of the High Elves of the Vesve.

Rulers: Patricia Hillsmith Mayor of Highfolk and Kashafen Tamarel Flameflowe, Lord of the High Elves of the Vesve.

The City of Necromancers. See individual entry for details.

Rulers: The Sovereign Council

Lendore Isles
Taken over hundreds of years ago by a radical group of elves, almost nothing is known of what is happening except that it is some religious cult that other elves will not talk about.


Orcish Empire of The Pomarj
The Pomarj has long been a place of destruction and vile behavior.

Rovers of the Barrens (Also many former Iuz lands such as the Horned Lands)
The Rovers are the closest thing to the natural evolution of Flan culture that you will see. Think of the real world Native American tribes and you will have a good idea of the tribes of nomadic Flan who are known as the Rovers of the Barrens.

Ruler: Various Tribes

Scarlet Brotherhood
Although weakened centuries ago they have begun to be heard from again in the last few years. Are they not as powerful as before or did tipping their hand to their existence give them greater caution? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain: The Brotherhood has lost none of its’ desire to dominate all others.

Ruler: ??

The Shield Lands (and Former Bandit Kingdoms)
The rebuilt Shield Lands has people from all ethnic and racial backgrounds. It covers the former Shield Lands and the former Bandit Kingdoms. It is ruled by a Lord High Paladin who is elected by the people.

Ruler: Dame High Paladin Marjorie Kenisington

Tehn (and former Pale)
An ancient Flan kingdom that was almost destroyed by Iuz, they rebuilt and gained the former lands of the Pale after the archlich war.

Ruler: King Daniel II

Tiger and Wolf Nomads
Baklunish nomads who remained after the Invoked Devastation destroyed the Ancient Baklunish Empire. They roamed the lands in tribal groups with Khans and kept to a nomadic way of life. They merged with some Oerdian groups and formed the Relentless Horde, who terrorized the area in the 300’s CY. After the death of the Horde’s Leader they split into the TIger and Wolf nations.

Ruler: The Khan Tremeal the United

A place of demon worshipers and dark magicians who seek to bend the geni and elemental forces to their will. Ull is a place where anything can be had for a price, in coin or your values. There are two major cities but most of Ull is the domain of rival Khans and tribal allegiances.

Kingdom of Urnst
The now united Urnst states is one of the richest countries in the Flaness. Sitting on fertile land and on the Nyr Dyv it has farming and fishing and has a mixed population of all the ethnic and racial groups. Urnst has great sympathy and cooperation with the Free City of Greyhawk. Humans and Halflings form the largest groups but there are significant numbers of elves, dwarves and gnomes in relevant percentages to their overall continental population. Ruled the Half Elf Queen Juliet Verenda, who consults an elected parliament, it is one of the closest allies to the free city. Urnst boasts a formidable army and navy.

Rulers: Queen Juliet Verenda

Valley of the Mage
The mysterious Valley where strange unique elves are ruled by a mysterious figure known only as the Mage of The Vale. Few who go in come out. There are rumors that Geoff is working on methods to communicate with the Mage in order to determine his intentions. This is in response to recent evidence that the Mage is interested in the outside world for the first time in three centuries.

Ruler: The Mage of The Vale

Other Places

Wastelands and Odd Places
Vast Swamp
Sea of Dust
Bright Desert
Land of Black Ice

Age of Steam Gazetteer

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