Gangs of Greyhawk City

Gangs of Greyhawk City

Every crime family has a gang who carries out their will and/or serves as a recruiting base for the larger more complex operations. The gangs roam the Thieves, River, Slum and parts of the Foreign quarters. They also have a presence in the other quarters but it is more subtle.

The Hook Men (Dronik)

The Dronik family is the most brutal of the crime families, as such The Hook Men are the most brutal of the street gangs. Support for thugs and pimps as well as security for illegal goods, The Hook Men are ruthless. What they lack in overall intelligence they make up for by frightening efficiency with their signature weapon: Dual meat hooks. Their color is red and their symbol is a ragged hook.

The Undead Rooks (??)

Their symbol is a dessicated rook and their color is grey. No one knows who they are or who they follow. They have both helped and attacked the other gangs for a purpose unknown to anyone. Some seem undead, others are obviously not. The other gangs are terribly concerned with this new development.

The True Watch (Sevestrian)

Not so much a gang as a way of life. The True Watch is made up of people who owe the Sevestrian family. But that is not the only or most important requirement. Every one of them believes in the dream of Greyhawk City and strive to protect it. They come from all walks of life and alignment, but if the city is in danger they would rally together. They have no symbol or sign but do have a secret language of body movement. And any Sevestrian can tell who they are at any time.

The Street Kings (Gasgal)

As arrogant as their masters they believe that Greyhawk should belong to them. The undisputed rulers and largest of the traditional gangs, they have a hand in everything. At the same time their size leads to a dilution of focus. Not all the members march to the same beat and some are just plain thugs with no greater connection to the Gasgal family. But there are also those who embrace the arrogance of the clan so deeply, even if they are not related, that they believe their association makes them kings of the underworld. Their symbol is a crown and their color is gold.

The Fateblades (Al’Dani)

The smallest but most skilled and elegant of the gangs. It is almost inaccurate to call them a gang, with the uncouth pejorative connotation. They are almost a pool of talent that is not yet trained up to the level of the “family”. But the Al’Dani use them to stay competitive for territory with the other families. It is lucky they do not seek much…because many feel that these members are, pound for pound worth ten street kings apiece. Their symbol is a bloody web. Their color is black.

The Garbage Mages (Amaidar)

Magic can attract the greedy, the cunning and the wise. Those three traits can led to great success or failed ambition. Those who are climbing the ladder of the magical illegal goods business and those who have fallen back to the first rung make up the Garbage Mages. The name is assigned by the Amaidar family to remind them of their state and station. They are the lowest of the low, they have not made a name or have lost their own. The names of the members are assigned by the family. Cunning is rewarded and betrayal is exalted. Not so much to destabilize the family; that is swiftly punished. Their symbol is a book and their color is blue.

The Half Men (Vayne)

Not a gang but rather the cast off remnants of terrifying experiments that live in the sewers. They have a loose society and an inborn need to seek and follow the master’s voice. They can sense and are obedient to anyone with Vayne blood but know the true master when he speaks. He has just been silent for so long. They have no color or symbol.

The Eyes of Chance (The Roof Boys)

Not a gang in the real sense, but the guild of messengers has a role even their leader does not know. The messengers all work for the Hand of Chance. They feed her information and keep her apprised of events in the underworld. They have a secret cant but use no symbol for themselves. Although they all carry dice and have a second secret code using the combination of pips on dice to leave messages.

Gangs of Greyhawk City

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