Other Heroes and Allies: Side Quests

Side Quests

The Hand Of Chance
The Hand will need help finding out who killed the last two Hands and also in fending off hired assassins who have been sent by the elements of the Greyhawk City crime families. This side quest has two forms, one that also intersects with the Side Quest of Gavin Sevestrian XVIII.

Orna Dawnshroud
Orna needs the PC’s to help her train for the Flanaess Games, this will involve several races and events over several festival days at multiple times. If enough of these are done it will unlock a special quest involving her the week of the games. This is a fairly easy quest to accomplish with two of her siblings being PC’s

Barrika, Vindar and Ferena Dawnshroud
They will need help to retrieve some lost notes and an almost complete manuscript by Professor Yaliel Dawnshroud that are located in a dungeon in the Bright Desert. If this is done it helps to unlock more information on a main plot point. This will also cause Vindar to finally retire and make Ferena happy that they can enjoy their elder years together.

The Circle of Eight

Each member of the circle has their own side quests that are unlocked depending upon the fame and interactions of the characters.

Rutherford Seafire VII
Rutherford is the last of the circle side quests that becomes available. He is looking for adventurers to help find and get items from an underwater dungeon in the Nyr Dyv.

Katinker Tatters
Tink will be accessible in many places across the Flanaess. She is obviously building something. Eventually she will let you know she is building a present for Thaddeus and wants you to help her get the last part…a lost metal deep in an abandoned mine.

Gabriel Hillman
If there characters make an impression on him in the upcoming train ride across the Flanaess, he will remember them. If other interactions build on it he will open up the way to interacting with the rest of the circle. Eventually he will ask the characters for help to find an ancient treasure in Blackmoor.

The hardest quest to unlock, Thaddeus will only let characters get closer if they already have a relationship with Tink and have completed many of the other quests for the circle. Thaddeus still fights boogeymen but he has found two. If he trusts the characters enough he will ask them to hunt down a boogeyman for him.

Liliana Hart
The youngest and most outgoing member of the circle, affection with her can be built up by helping Orna and doing things for the Flanaess Games. She will give the characters mini-tasks from time to time for downtime and other side jobs that involve preparing for the games. She will eventually ask the characters to go with her on a mission to retrieve and ancient magic Cup for the overall prize to the area with the most winners.

Darius Hornsaw
The River Tournament is the wealthiest gambling tournament in the Western Flanaess. As a member fo the circle of eight he can not enter. But he will ask the characters to pick one of their number to enter and he will pretend to be their butler. He will give them gambling advice can help. He just wants to be part of the tournament in any way. It is lucky if he brings the PC’s because there is danger at the tournament aboard the river boat.

Angelica Everdawn
Angelica wants the party to fine something for her. She seems worried about something ominous and would like the characters to find, the Scales of True Weight. She feels the universe is out of balance and needs to resolve a nagging suspicion.

Aristide Grantier
Aristine is quiet and a bit gloomy but he will seek the party out on recommendation from other members of the circle. He has heard of an ancient maagic piece of jewelry that is in Castle Greyhawk.

Victoria Parish
Victoria will ask the party to help her infiltrate the school of Magic to catch an infernalist who is hiding there. This actually could be a long sidequest as members masquerade as students and staff to catch the infernal mage.

Gavin Sevestrian XVIII
Eventually Gavin will find out that the mild mannered Librarian he has fallen for is, in fact, the Hand of Chance. When he knows that he will also put together that the Hand has always been a member of the Rhola family and likely goes back to William Rhola, whose Brother Simon quested with the great Gavin. He will find this out by looking at a section of his ancestors notes that had been previously lost. But he will also find out that the Hand is marked for assassination and feel both motives of personal interest and family loyalty to prevent that. To prevent the involvement of his family being known directly he will ask the party to help. This side quest is easy to trigger based on the fact that his sister is a PC.

Suriandel Glyph Weaver
If a relationship develops between him and the party he will ask their help in retrieving an ancient elven device that is in a dungeon past the Baklunish lands. Depending when this is done it can open up the other side of the convenient before the main storyline does.

Barnaby Harrington
The first side quest that could be unlocked, but it takes different forms. He will need characters to help him on the train to find his lost glasses and blueprints for the engine. If triggered and done it opens a line of credit for the characters with the Church of Zilchus.

Conrad Vanitar
Vanitar has a load of ancient coins coming in from an excavation site. They are earmarked to build orphanages in the Domain of Greyhawk. The shipment has been stolen by bandits

Cylindal Bluesteel
The party will met Cylindal several times, and each time they will have a chance to help her in some way. Eventually if enough affection points or revelation points are built up they can unlock her asking them to help with defeating her sister. They will have met her sister separately in other actions in the plot.

The Desert Wind
The princess at some point will want to have the characters convince her father that she should remain a night roaming super heroine. Although this does involve a quest and a battle on the way it is one of the more comedic side quests.

Starfire Family
An ancient family relic has been lost in the Phostwood. The family will finance an expedition to retrieve it. It is a staff that will help the family understand the nature of the Eidolon who has been with their bloodline for over a thousand years.

Other Heroes and Allies: Side Quests

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