Quotes from the Campaign

A list of things said within and without the world of Oerth that tickled the fancy of many an individual. Some are said by the characters and some by those who portray them at the table.

The City of Necromancers

“Owlbears and… more owlbears.” – DM joking about the types of servitor monsters that Teivryn is collecting parts of

Off the Rails

“I think that’s a fabulous idea. I also have a 9 wisdom…” – Delwin OOC
“Looks like they have moles in the dig.” – madartiste commenting on the enemy agents at the dig in Onnwal

Special Deliveries

“Obviously you don’t wear your good clothes for this.” – Amelia discussing going down into the sewers
“Those words make no sense to me.” – Mortekai

The Maiden Voyage

“No, I smell of expensive cologne. And… monkeysaur parts.” — Mortekai after dissecting monkey hybrid monsters

Main Page Scroll

“Lord Mayor Greets Delegates From Hollowfaust: For People Trapped In A Cure Video You Guys Are Alright”
“Bread Pudding Tasting Contest Cancelled. Pudding Would Not Eat Broccoli.”
“All Citizens receive odd cards with pictures. Cards vary but everyone gets a Magicarp.”


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