The Circle of Eight: 937 CY

The Circle of Eight

For over three hundred years the Circle of Eight has existed in some form. Sometimes it is all mages, sometimes it has other spell casters of learning. The current composition is:

Rutherford Seafire VII


They don’t always name a child Rutherford, but when they do…it is spectacular. The latest of the Seafires to have the name is a planewalker, like most of the family. He is gregarious and outgoing but looks huge and terrifying. Like a large embodiment of Oerdian villagers everywhere he looks like a massive fisherman who ate a farmer. It is sometimes hard to accept that you are looking at the de facto leader of the Circle of Eight and one of the most brilliant mages on the planet.

Rutherford has been to every plane of existence and a few that have not or have yet to exist. He has a great desire that goodness must prevail. He has seen the best and worst of the multiverse and it is his sworn agenda to make sure Oerth is safe and good. He has seen strange things in the last decade with the Dragons of the multiverse. Something is coming. Some great upheaval..and he prays that the world is ready for it.

Katinker Tatters


Called Tink, she is a Gnome illusionist who spent a great deal of time in Raveloft fighting boogeymen. In fact she can be considered one of the Heroes of the Key. She and Thaddeus (the good one) led a group that fought boogeymen and shattered the Spider Throne to help the Heroes destroy Vecna. Time moves differently in Ravenloft and Thaddeus and Tink decided to stay for a long time after the end of the archlich war. Through an agreement of the gods time was synched between the friends Thaddeus and Jenna Everdawn so they could communicate between dimensions. But over time when Jenna Everdawn died, time again began to move differently between the places. When Thaddeus eventually decided to return to earth, he and Tink came into the present time.

Tink is fun loving, innocent and brilliant. She is the first with a laugh and kind word and loves everyone…even if they are evil and she needs to destroy them. From her time in Ravenloft she has no patience for those who prey on children.

Her gnome magic lends itself well to this newest from of technomagic and she spends a great deal of time with Gabriel working on experiments and patiently listening to his history lectures.

Liliana Hart


Liliana is the youngest and most unorthodox mage in the circle. She was trained as a monk in her early life and then became a mage. Her magic focuses on the martial and enhancing the physical abilities of the mage as a fighter. She is fast and powerful and many people see her exercising and jogging around Greyhawk City. And she is the sponsor and head of the committee for the upcoming Flanaess Games in Greyhawk City in the Summer

She is the least magically powerful and experienced of the circle as well as the newest. She still yearns to adventure and explore and at times does so either overtly or in disguise. Half Baklunish and half Suel she sometimes thinks on the two sides of her heritage and their ancient conflict. All things pass. There can be peace between even the strongest things in conflict. And out of that can come strength.

She sees the circle has been preparing for a potential massive upheaval. And that Rutherford and Thaddeus seem worried about something. She knows they will share it soon but can not shake the feeling that as the newest member of the circle there are things she still does not know. Almost as if she must still prove herself.

Darius Hornsaw


A born gambler Darius specializes in the magic of probability. A half elf and mage, he enjoys life to the fullest. He honestly has no idea how he has become one of the most powerful mages in the world except he has managed not to die.

Handy with a sword but far better with a spell, Darius spends most of his time thinking of his glories in his wilder days. He believes everyone should experience excitement and lead with their heart. This puts him at odd with some of the circle who believe at least a plan in life should be followed.

Darius loves life, ladies and magic. He keeps himself apart from many and is actually quite lonely. Most of those of his power are a bit stiff and he must be careful letting go of his restraint with weaker people or they may get hurt. He is thrilled when he has a challenge that calls for his full abilities.

Gabriel Hillman


Gabriel is the archeologist of the circle. He knows the history of every race and group on oerth and strives to know more all the time. He can be found at his tower in Greyhawk City, which is directly across from the library.

Always delving into ancient cultures and secrets, Gabriel is the other member (with Liliana and occasionally Tink) who will still adventure. He will find some hint of ancient wrong or long forgotten secret and be off to examine it. Long discussions of ancient days fascinate him, as does forgotten magic. He hears there is a Flan Garment sage at work in the world again and, he is intrigued to meet him. The fact that he is the descendant of the great author Professor Yaliel Dawnshroud is just more of a reason to sit down and discuss the past.

He is also intrigued by the new technomancy and has turned a great deal of his time to learning it. As such he is the member of the circle who knows the most about it all. He will be representing the Circle of Eight on the coming train ride across the Flanaess.



The slayer of boogeymen, the destroyer of the Spider Throne….sometimes he is called these things. But in his head he could also have easily been the Dark Herald. And one of his alternate selves was. This fact keeps him from arrogance and haste. Thaddeus did not enjoy living in Ravenloft for decades, but he knew it had to be done. But it was never home.

When he was near eighty he received his last letter from his friend Jenna Everdawn. Knowing that with her death the time synch would end and he would have no tie to Oerth he informed Tink he was going to have the Vistani take him home for good. Tink though going somewhere new was marvelous and invited herself. One of his only friends would be dead soon, Thaddeus did not mind the other one coming with him.

But during the trip Jenna did pass away before he could get home and the time synch was broken. Thaddeus found himself in 915 CY and in his 20’s again. Apparently the time synch also restored him to a younger age. Katinkers though it was hilarious.

Thaddeus found himself in a world at peace where his friend was revered as a hero. He was happy. He went to see Muryland, who he knew as Travis, and found out that he could use his gun magic now on Oerth. Eventually he came to the notice of Rutherford Seafire and after a few years he and Tink joined the circle of eight.

Thaddeus is an expert at gun magic and combining weapons and magic. He ends battles quickly and brutally because he believes the longer a battle goes on the more people can be harmed.

Angelica Everdawn (druid)


Sister of the present King of Geoff and the Empire of the Flan, Angelica Everdawn was always different from her family. She cared about those who suffered and wanted to help them but also saw the balance in all things. Her family and country respect the Oerth Mother. Which is good, she does not want to ever have to choose: Because her country would lose.

She is devoted to Beory and believes that the world stands on a cusp. In the past 350 years Vecna has died, Nerull and Incabulos restored and the chains on the mad god strengthened. It is almost as if there is too much light. But the states of Nerull and Incabulos are natural so there is mitigation. But something is coming to balance the time of peace. A great upheaval. A culling of the world.

She loves the Old Faith and basks in both the day and night. She has not known a time of war. No one except the older elves, mages and some rules who are long lived, have. But soon the world will know some war or strife. But the people of Oerth are placid and complacent. She fears they will not survive the coming trials.

Aristide Gratier

Aristide prides himself on being the height of fashion. Rutherford has said that if he could pry himself away from a mirror he might be the greatest wizard of the age. Despite that, Aristide is a craftsman and specializes in magic garments, trinkets and jewelry. He is fascinated by the clockwork and intricate aspects of the growing technology.

Pure blooded Suel, he believes that magic is a defining quality of his family. He can be arrogant and believes in order and law guided by the most intelligent. Even though that sounds harsh it is merely elitist.

But the great equalizer is beauty, not of physical self, although that is important. But beauty in what you make in it an object of art a family or a way of life. Although he believes there are intellectual betters he believes their job is to protect those who are not at that level so they may have dreams and create the beauty in their lives. In the end, being one of the obvious elite is an obligation to protect the weak so they may discover beauty.

The Circle of Eight: 937 CY

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