The New Great Kingdom

The Great Kingdom

The Great Kingdom sat divided and broken. The North Kingdom and Ahlissa were vying for power and territory. Then Asmodeus attempted to seize a body and rule all realities. A group of heroes stood against him and defeated him, but central to his plot was taking the body of a young Oerdian Noble, Jack Von Slythe.

The story of the Heroes of The Codex is well known; but at the time…watching two of their own recently married Nobles fight the lord of all devils (an incident the Mad Archmage and Lord Mayor of Greyhawk City broadcast on the sky across the Flanaess) caused a stirring deep in the blood of the people of the old Great Kingdom.

If they could stand against that, then why rest to be divided…decimated and a shadow of what was great? Why settle for corrupt rulers and vile monsters as leaders? The unrest grew over a decade after the heroes of the Codex defeated Asmodeus. Many times groups tried to coerce the new Von Slythe couple into leading them. But Jack as wary of too much power and refused. He did, however, see that the people needed a leader.

From his years as a pirate Jack knew there were nobles in hiding who could be king. Some had renounced the evils of court and hid.

He settled on the hidden remains of house Atirr. An house that ruled long ago Atirr was made up of inventors and explorers. They were believed to be extinct and their lands given to other houses. They were, however, in hiding on the coast of the Nyr Dyv as traders and shop owners.

greatkingdom.pngJack approached the heads of the house. They agreed on a leader, the young Allitur Atirr. A noble and kind by named after a god of ethics. All that remained now was the question of how to remove King Xavener without bloodshed. Thankfully the king settled that question on his own.

Xavener was making plans to seize the platinum under the Von Slythe lands. His plan was to disgrace the family and take their holdings. He had multiple aspects of this plan in place and ready for execution .

What follows is known only to a few but some version is widely rumored. It is known the king found a visitor in his rooms after dinner. It is known the king never returned from his rooms and those who investigated do not speak of what they saw. They only say it was obvious that the young Atirr was chosen to be king.

What happened was that the visitor told the king it was unwise to steal a wedding present. The king laughed and told the man he was deciding if he should have him executed or or just beaten.

What is known is that it is rumored King Xavener was found with his throat slit by what his doctors assume was a jagged platinum dagger. Some say decapitated.

At that moment an energy wave erupted from Rauxes destroying all Orcs and evil Demihumans in the North Kingdom. King Grenell was stripped of his clerical power and his crown shattered.

The throne in Rauxes had changed. On the arms stood two symbols. On the left Hextor. On the right Heironeus. The brother gods had come to an agreement: Atirr would rule.

In the last three hundred years the house has ruled justly. Some have followed Hextor. Some Heironeous. But a balance has always been kept. The Malachite Throne…now a kind of white green with odd shifting patterns; bears the symbols of the brother gods. And the overking who sits on it owes his office to them. Whatever bargain the brothers struck is unknown. But over the centuries other realms of the former Great Kingdom returned to unity with the new country. Nyrrond is a friendly partner but not joined to them. There are allegedly talks in the works to change that. The Von Slythe family has remained advisers to the king but refuse to marry into the royal line or move to Rauxes for a great deal of time.

The current Overking, Gregory V, is a good man who was an explorer in his youth. His young son, also Gregory, has likewise traveled all over the Flanaess. Despite that, and a good kind heart, the boy has proven frustratingly difficult to marry. The king has brought in many acceptable brides but none of them ever seem to meet with the approval of his son. The time is coming when his 17 year old heir will have no choice. He is one of 8 children and the only son. He will marry.

The New Great Kingdom

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