The Wild Endeavor

The Wild Endeavor

The Wild Endeavor is the ship Zagyg Yagrain gave to Marin Redsky. No one knows why he gave it or why he made it. This includes Captain Redsky and The Wild Endeavor…because the Wild (or Endeavor depending on what people call her) is, of a sort, alive.

The ship can move in the sky or the sea, and thanks to the abilities of Captain Redsky; underwater. The Wild has a telepathic bond with the Captain and first mate but can mentally speak to anyone on board.

Is the Wild sentient? The better question sentient is the Wild? Sentient enough to reduce the number of crew needed. The Wild is, very much, a crew member in and of herself. Built of living wood from the elemental plane of wood and protected from extra fire damage the Wild can grow plants grafted into itself. Captain Redsky and her Botanical hobby have made great use of this ability.

Three decks and a massive hold allow for passengers as well as storage. The far end of the top deck holds the raised Captains’ quarters that hold sleeping, office and dining areas. This goes directly , via magical disk down to the botanical garden and recreation area for the Captain. The main officers have lesser but still luxurious quarters. The meeting room for the officers is protected against scrying and holds emergency extra dimensional spaces. There are six large lifeboats, two capable of flight. The Wild is control by normal mean, or by a magical control rod that the Captain keeps…or at times, according to her own whims.


A combination warship and merchant of the Galleon style, the lesser need for crew allows her to carry more goods and weapons. The Stats for The Wild Endeavor are:

Squares 80 (20 ft. by 100 ft.)
AC 12; Hardness 20
hp 1,200
Base Save +0
Maximum Speed 150 ft.;1-300mp. (Magic Air) or Unmeasured (Underwater)
CMB +8; CMD 18
Ramming Damage 8d8
Capacity: 100 Tons of Cargo or 300 Troops
Propulsion: Air and Water; (three mast, 360 squares of sails, hp 800); Magical
Driving Check Profession (sailor) or Knowledge (nature) +10 to the DC
Forward Facing the ship’s forward
Driving Device steering wheel and control rod
Crew 60/20/10
Decks 3 (4)
Weapons Up to 20 Large direct-fire siege engines in banks of 10 positioned on the port and starboard sides of the ship, six Huge direct-fire siege engines in banks of three on the Aft and Stern sides of the ship. Two Magical Siege Engines Aft That do varying elemental damage

The Wild Endeavor

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