Lord Mayor Declares Princess Twilight Is A Money Grab…Citizens Confused.    Lord Mayor Declares Princess Twilight Is A Money Grab…Citizens Confused.    Lord Mayor Declares Princess Twilight Is A Money Grab…Citizens Confused.    

Even on Oerth there is one constant fact…time continues to pass.

It has been three hundred years since the Heroes of The Codex defeated Asmodeus and strengthened the prison of the Mad God. Three hundred years of peace and prosperity have left the Flanaess and her people complacent and content.

They have not, however, been still. Time, magic and technology march on and the world of Oerth in 937 CY is one of wonders and dangers. The Gnomes and Dwarves discovered the power of steam and over the centuries fire, copper, coal and steam have become a way of life. But this technology works best fused with magic and because of that Mithral has become the most highly prized material in the world.

Although the Flan Empire has maintained good relations with the Elven Kingdoms in it’s borders as well as distant ones; other nations are close to conflict. The Domain of Greyhawk amd Kingdom of Celene sit on a razors edge and there are rumors of war. Zagyg left to investigate something 60 years ago and has not been seen since. The Elder Folk feel as if they are being slowly diminished by the use of a metal many feel is holy. There are also those among the elves who seek to merge the old ways with the new technology. They are the last desperate hope for peace. This struggle has blinded the elves to the signs. The peace had made the other races complacent.

Ancient plans are being set in motion. Known by none until it was too late; Bahamut’s Palace lies mysteriously abandoned on the shores of Celestia. It is seen on Needsfest 936 CY that only one Dragon reigns in the constellation of the Dragon gods above the Nyr Dyv. Tiamat gazes upon the world in 937 CY. If it is not averted it will be The year of the Dragon War; the last year of Oerth. And who could foresee it but a madman?

Luckily Zagyg Yagrain has returned and a select group of heroes have received invitations from Zagyg himself to the first transcontinental train across the Flanaess. And all the hopes of the world lie in the plans of the Mad Archmage.

Greyhawk 937 CY: The Age of Steam

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