Campaign of the Month: January 2014

Greyhawk 937 CY: The Age of Steam

The Day Before The Most Exciting Day Ever

From the Notebook of Future Star Reporter Emily Sanders, Age 12

There seemed no better time to start a real professional reporters notebook than now. After all my sister Stephanie and I finally got permission to go with mom and dad and aunt Amelia on their trip. Well, it’s not really their trip. They are going with our amazing royal children. I know reporters are supposed to stay objective but we’ve played with them and Millicent has baby sat us. We have the best royals ever. I can’t help the facts. I just report them.

Maybe those lines above should be We finally received permission to accompany our parents. Ok. You may wonder why I am writing my corrections out…well have to learn from a Process don’t we. That’s what the little Prince Owen says. So I decided and promised myself that I would not erase things in this notebook. just write them and correct them by writing the Correction. That way I learn and remember it when reading over the book. And I promised myself and as Dad says, when you promise yourself only you know when you lie so it is the most honest test of who you are and should be the hardest promise to break. More on Dad later.

Wise right. That’s because our family are the descendants of a Hero of The Key: Sir Christopher. He also helped give advice and aid to the Heroes of the Codex. That’s right…a hero and a hero….consultant. That’s a good word. He could turn into an owl. And so can some of us…sometimes. But…that’s kind of a secret on who and when and how much and for some reason; what kind of owl. But everyone knows most of it. Your premier knight family can’t go around being descended from a guy who could become an Owl and people forget that happens.

So we have a Family History to uphold. Which is why I am as honest as one hour more than the day is long. That’s why I am going to be a Reporter.

Back to the trip.

So we will be going all over the continent. To nearly every country! And I will be learning about them all. My mother, who will be teaching both us and the royal children has assured me of that. My sister Stephanie wants me to add our mom teaches all the royal children even Prince Owen. Prince Owen is some kind of genius who came up with the idea for the train. He is a genius. And out Mom teaches him. So I don’t even think they have a name for what she is. A super genius my sister says. But that’s not right. Sounds too flashy. We’ve decided on ultra genius. That’s right our Mom is an Ultra Genius.

Our Aunt Amelia will also be there. She is a knight like dad but not like dad. Dad is the head of the Order of the Griffon, the highest knighthood in Geoff. He is also the Constable of The Realm. And Master of Castle Vigilant. Ok this is getting to me more about dad again. Because he is more awesome than one paragraph will fit. But to aunt Amelia. She is a Hospitaller of Pelor. They can beat a giant down and keep them alive. They are Knights and healers…like doctors at the same time. She’s just gorgeous and can throw a punch.

Anyhow…anyhow is not really a reporter word. But…anyhow. I am going to describe the whole opening dinner in Gorna after going to it tonight. We get to go to the dinner and say up until the end. I will describe everyone there. Every moment. So faithful readers…keep reading. Because as the daughter of an ultra genius I bet I am going to be the next Octavius Hespertae. Obviously not as Handsome. I mean who is?

Oh. I am really regretting that promise to never erase anything in this and learn from those moments. But a reporter has to be honest in her notebook. Later today I will also write an objective entry on the amazing Royal children. Uh. Stephanie says I need to work on my random capitalizing. I told her I do that to stress to myself what is Important. I would clean it up if I was actually Editing an Article.

Readying 11th, 937 CY


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