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Greyhawk 937 CY: The Age of Steam

The First Leg of Our Journey

Readying 13, 937 CY


The first leg of our journey has already proved eventful. You know how the Lord Mayor of Greyhawk City sent, as his proxy, his lich accountant to speak with us at the dinner before the trip. Although the revelation that Bahamut is missing was shocking enough, I must say it was oddly softened by the novelty of the nature of the messenger.

Our quarters on the train were lavish by any definition. This sat uncomfortably with me, as it also seemed to with our new companion from the Greyhawk City Watch. It would be prudent at this point, sire, to provide you with a list of those in our company. The Lord Mayor has indeed selected an eclectic group.

First, as I mentioned, is an officer of the Greyhawk City Watch. Her name is Aderyn Vayne and she does not divulge much. This is understandable given her profession but there is also a firm resentment of this mission. I can not say that I would not feel the same in her place. A watchman is there for the city not for train rides and secret missions. She is obviously devoted to her duty and good at her job. She instinctively took the lead in a problem we experienced later.

She already knew another member of our group, a necromancer named Mortekai Braithwaite. Before I address my obvious concerns I must mention that he seems oddly personable for his profession and has a taste for fashion. He was the first to extend empathy and a dance to a young half orc girl who Zagyg has also invited. I do admit that there is a history of reliable necromancers being included in the Lord Mayor’s plans. Both the heroes of the Key and Codex had them. And the man consults for the city watch and is trusted by the discerning Miss Vayne. But there are, of course, the necessary concerns over his profession.

Along those lines we also have a woman from Hollowfaust, but not a necromancer. The woman, named Eve, is a cleric of the Night Father Nerull. She is a civil engineer and very upbeat about her craft. It is refreshing to see such happiness in someone who must live with the constant understanding of the uncomfortable reality of the Night Father.

The half orc girl is another surprise. This young alchemist, Delwin Smith, is as massive as you would think and as gentle as you would never imagine. She was excited, giddy and filled with wonder at our situation. And, out of everyone, she was the most committed with a genuineness akin to almost childhood at the idea of a quest to do good.

A kindred spirit to my own ethics, to a point, is Lady Satoshi from the Isle of Pearls. Please advise on any information and wishes you want conveyed to the Emperor should we go to her home. He and his country are old friends of Geoff and I would like to show the proper respect. Lady Satoshi seems to be a member of their honorable warrior vocation. She is concerned about the conflict of being on two quests at once since she is already sworn to lift a curse that was placed on her sister. Once I know more I will send you details so we can see if our sages can offer her assistance. Those from the Isles have a long history in the Lord Mayor’s plans.

Also of interest and relating to the composition of the previous groups compiled by the Lord Mayor are the next set of people.

First there are two brothers Taylor and Spencer Dawnshroud. They are the descendants of Loreli Dawnshroud of the Heroes of the Codex. Taylor is a Garment Sage and Spencer a tattoo monk. Taylor, although younger obviously has the deferential respect of his brother. Likely due to his sacred station. As a Flan I have to say it is an honor to travel with both of them.

Next is a member of the Sevestrian family. Their involvement with the Lord Mayor goes back to the Heroes of the Key, as does our own. Camilla, called Marcy, seems to be a fairly composed girl. But like all in her family, I am sure she is formidable, observant and dangerous. She seems to be a bard…which is refreshing. I have a fondness for Bards, since their craft is welcomed in the darkest of times.

Next is the Duchess Vane Von Slythe. A descendant of the family of obvious and well known origin, I am not immediately worried about her bloodline. She seems a bored but focused girl who is happy to have some freedom. What she does with it will determine if I become concerned.

Marin Redsky is a pirate. She is obviously competent but seems to have a distance in her that bears watching. As odd as it is to say, if Zagyg has chosen her I trust her for now.

The last is by far the oddest. His name is Bannik and he is a being of gentle disposition. He is a mage but he also is something completely unknown. He maintained an illusion of a human face until he realized that his time with us would be comprised of more than this trip. In truth he is a being made of sackcloth and some kind of power and support that is unknown. Bannik himself does not know who made him (I use him for ease) or why. He remembers the last 40 years and parts of 300 or more. There is one thing I am sure of…he is not a construct. He has a soul.

I would not say our group is complete. The Lord Mayor has a habit of last minute additions. But for now, Sire, these are the people who have been gathered for a mostly unknown purpose. In my next letter I will detail a series of interesting events on the train that perhaps foreshadow some disturbing times ahead.

Ever Your Servant,
Dame Amelia Sanders Hospitaller of Pelor


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