Campaign of the Month: January 2014

Greyhawk 937 CY: The Age of Steam

Very Portable

Readying 5th, 937CY

Aunt Pearl runs the family warehouse of miscellaneous materials. It was conceived by Earl Sevestrian 300 years ago as a way to keep everything the family kept for itself securely in one place. It is a magical device Adelaide Vayne picked up and traded to Earl for a favor to be filled at a later date. Surprisingly, the favor he asked was that his aged mother and baby daughter be allowed to live in the Main House till the end of their lives. At the time, the Vaynes and Amaidars were in a full scale war that had already claimed the lives of his wife and three of his four children. He died a few weeks after his mother and daughter had moved in.

The warehouse itself is massive and Aunt Pearl has a full staff to keep everything in order and precisely cataloged. After hearing my apology for the vagueness of the request, she pursed her lips and told me that she had already received a note stating which items to pull. She handed me two packages and moved me along. The first package was a belt of physical strength with an empty, but incredibly beautiful, scabbard attached. The second was a greater coat of shadows. Both were interesting choices. When I rifled through the pockets of the coat, I found a small folded black square. Unfolding it revealed a portable hole. But not just any portable hole. THE portable hole. The one Gavin VII carried.

I said a prayer of thanksgiving, put it on the wall, and walked in. There was so much in there, I grabbed Ben and Leon to help me list everything and organize it. It didn’t take long before they had a couple cousins involved in building a device to organize everything for them. While they worked on the hole, Sally showed up with a large number of garment bags over her arm and her assistant dragging two trunks. Sally reworked my wardrobe for extensive travel and likely battle, putting hidden pockets and weapon concealment in every available space.

Vicky came by with a new bag of holding and immediately forgot it on seeing the portable hole. As I packed my new clothing into the bag of holding, Ben informed me that there was a pantry in the hole and all the food was perfectly good for use. Including several jars of fruit preserves made by Kylie Evernight!



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